Basic PHP Course for beginners: What you must know?

  • 23rd November 2016
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Are you a fresher and looking for a basic PHP course training? Do you want to develop a career in web development in the IT industry? Then acquiring knowledge of PHP development can provide you the perfect launching pad for a bright career. But in case you are new to web development then you must start by educating yourself with the basic knowledge of PHP. Let us however try to understand the value of PHP training and how it can help you.

Basic PHP course why so important for your career in Web development?

PHP language is a server side Web Scripting language, which is based on Open Source technology. This Web development language has many advantages some of which we have already covered in our other blogs, like the one titled Why PHP is so popular? Thus owing to the numerous advantages it offers PHP is now one of the most popular web development languages in the Web development industry. Thus employers prefer fresher with a basic knowledge of PHP. With the right basic knowledge in PHP, there is a distinct possibility for you to have a suitable Web development job.

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One major advantage you have about learning PHP is that it is easy to learn and pick up. Thus even if you have no prior knowledge in the web development you can still learn if you are sincere. However to acquire the right PHP knowledge to make you job ready you need the right PHP course from the best PHP trainers in the industry.

Why PHP Kolkata for basic PHP course in Kolkata?

No matter what you learn it is always important that you get your basics right. The same goes for PHP development. You need to master the basics to develop a high flying PHP career too. We at PHPKolkata being in PHP training in Kolkata for long are fully aware of this and designed our basic PHP course in accordance with this.

Reasons to choose the basic PHP course from PHP Kolkata

  • We provide the best attention to all our students. This is why we have restricted our batch size to a maximum of 12 students. Thus as a beginner you would get the best attention from your faculty.
  • We maintain a balance between theory and practical classes for our basic PHP course for Kolkata. Thus you would have a comprehensive understanding of the PHP development concepts right from the beginning.
  • Our classes are held 3 days a week, on alternative days. You need not rush through the topics. There is sufficient time in between for self learning and practice.
  • You would get an opportunity to work on live projects. This would give you a complete insight and make you job ready.
  • We are tied up with all leading PHP development companies. So on successful completion you would have a job placement too.
  • Our PHP course is very affordable. So even if you are a total fresher you can easily afford it.

Apart from these we have a very well designed basic PHP Course which covers in detail all the basic concepts. We have the best faculty who are always up to date with all the latest developments in the Web development industry. So in case you are looking for the right PHP course in Kolkata, PHP Kolkata is the right PHP Training institute for you . For details about our coursed visit PHP Courses