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We work hard here to provide best possible PHP-Mysql training at our Institute, and we also known for Best Job Provider in kolkata, you can cross verify that, but we are not giving any kinda JOB Guarantee that is totally FALSE Term, you should understand "No one can give everyone JOB GUARANTEE". So We are honest at our training and placement level, you will be guaranted for unlimited interviews and job opportunities, and that is the way we placed more than 1200 PHP PROGRAMMERS IN KOLKATA.

Recent Placement Details From PHPKolkata Institute

Every thing is just open for you to trust us.

Sabina Yeasmin(8759166250) (Mca)

Ravindra Ravidas(7209675367) (BSc)

Subhashis Sarkar(9804629244) (MCA)

Vineet Harkut(8013120463) (MCA)

Samabesh Chatterjee(9007863051) (MCA)

Sayan Datta(9874759450) - Kolkata (B.Tech)

Anupam Ranjan(7686924414) (Mca)

Deboprasad Chakraborty(8820839029) (B.Tech)

Bishant Mahato(7549036572) (BSc (IT))

Soumik Dutta(8797781961) (BSc (IT))

Animesh Roy(8348046618) - Durgapor (B.Tech)

Avijit Jana(8013688066) - Bankura(Bishnupur) (MCA)

Arup Saha(9836783178) - Kolkata (BA)

Abhisek Sett(9836695383) (B.Tech)


Choose PHP Mysql training course & build your Career in IT Sector.

Join us for website development course (php certification), and maximize chance of getting PHP jobs in kolkata

Are you looking jobs in kolkata or php training kolkata?, have completed your graduation or last year graduation in any stream (B.A, BCom, Bsc, other stream etc)?looking for summer training in kolkata, internship program in kolkata, tired searching jobs in kolkata!!!

Here you come, if you are from technical background (Btech, BCA, Bsc(comp) or any other programming background) you must join us for website develop- ment training, we can provide you best php training and jobs in kolkata, nont- echnical guys are also welcome, they can also take step toward php mysql training, we can help them as well to get a right step. We also run summer training php certification in kolkata with php-mysql programming. We provide training from PHP experienced programmers, so they can teach you real time course in PHP, hope you understand the importance of this?

There is a huge market for php freshers in kolkata, once you learned, you can easily get job somewhere in kolkata or outside of kolkata (India), we are also one of big placement company in kolkata having more than 195 website deve- lopment companies registered with us, they take php developers form us frequently.

Also, if you are already learned PHP form any other php training institute, or h- aving experience as well, you are most welcome to our site, just register us and upload your resume to us and we will help you to find a good job, as we mentioned above we have lots of IT companies registered with us they search our database for right candidate

We are No.1 PHP Job Provider and PHP Institute in Kolkata.


Recent Feedback By Student


I am Deep Mazumder basically a student of arts  background but later I made a swift turn in my stream by doing A level From DOEACC and MCA from PTU. After completing my A level I was so worried about my career because my DOEACC institution not supporting me and other guys also to find a suitable job. Then I came to know about PHPKOLKATA from my elder brother then I contacted them from North Bengal (My Permanent residence) and later I joined PHPKOLKATA .PHP is very easy to learn any I can learn this by giving a very little effort  and coaching style in PHPKOLKATA is also very good. All the teachers , specially Asif Sir is a PHP magician. After completing the course in one and half month  Asif sir approached me to join PHPKOLKATA as a teacher , actually that thing helped me a lot, I worked there long 2 years as a instructor then a  developer also. Still that guy continuously helping me and also every students  to find a suitable JOB in PHP industry .So thanks again to Asif Sir and PHPKOLKATA

Ph: 9933190743 Deep Mazumder

Internship Trainee Jobs in kolkata

Learn PHP with our Internship program and join Internship trainee Job with us in kolkata. If you are looking to complete your summer internship program in kolkata or howrah, here we are.... We are also running a special internship programm for IT or Non IT engineers, who can come to our 2 training centers (howrah/kolkata) and join us as a web developer trainee and complete their internship within 2, 4 and 6 months, doing this internship will benefit them not for the degree but for the job as well, they can even choose PHP/MYsql as a start-up career that will let them into IT Market easily.

We also provide jobs in PHP and we are number 1 PHP JOB PROVIDER in Kolkata/Howrah, don't trust us, just check the market and verify yourself. :)

PHP Job Provider and PHP Institute in Kolkata.


Live PHP Training Classes

Full time live project to enhance your skills.

Getting PHP jobs in kolkata has become more difficult, now a days there are many fresher who are looking for PHP jobs, and they are very nervous not ge- tting any opening in PHP.

We recommend to get LIVE PROJECT experience to compete others to get a good job in PHP. We are not only a PHP Training Institute in kolkata but also a PHP development company (iCraft Solutions) in kolkata, provides full time PHP LIVE PROJECT experience to maximize chances for PHP jobs, as we believe many companies asking for live project experience from fresher.

PHP Job Provider and PHP Institute in Kolkata.


Why PHP Training?

Confused to choose either PHP or any other language for your future?

I have got many phone calls from DOEACC, B.E Students, Freshers, Gradu ates, and other programming developers for php training, asking me, is PHP secure for getting job as a fresher?

Here is my Answer to all visitor`s those having same questions in their mind.

This is the best option for any fresher, struggler, students to get jump into IT field and earn good money.

All you need to learn PHP which is the simplest web scripting language in the world and any one can learn it very easily.

Just make sure you have basic knowledge with computers before you start php training.

And for the Job prospect, this is the only chance to get a job as a fresher, rather than Java, Dot net, C or C++, hope you aware of this?

Want to know more about PHP, click here

PHP Job Provider and PHP Institute in Kolkata.


Website Development, Design and Hosting

Are you looking for your own website or any fixes on existing website

We are not only training institute but also we offer customized design and de- velopment solutions to domestic and international clients all round the world. We have a dedicated, skilled and enthusiastic group of designers, program mer`s professionals constantly striving to provide you with unmatched quality of services in every phase of Client Relationship.

Our creative edge lies in using cutting edge technology solutions combined with our commitment to quality control. Everything is well planned and execut ed so that you receive only the best. Discipline is where we don't entertain any compromise whether it is the work, communication or relationship with the client.

PHP Job Provider and PHP Institute in Kolkata.


Here I am, the founder.

Little detail about me

Name: Md. Asif Iqbal Designation:PHP Founder of iCraft Solutions PVT LTD & Faculty @ PHPKOLKATA Experience: 9 yrs experience in PHP, Mysql, javascript,html and many more. I am here to teach you website development course and would love to help you to get a good IT jobs in kolkata.

I teach PHP Mysql on weekdays and also on weekends (Saturday and Sunday) as per your convenience.I have already placed so many students of mine in IT sector. Are you next?

Contact Me : ASIF - Phone: 9831109099 (for Training enquiry)
Mobile: 9831109099 (for Placement enquiry)
Email : phpkolkata[@]gmail[.]com

PHP Job Provider and PHP Institute in Kolkata.


Recent Feedback By Student


It gives me immense pleasure to share my thoughts regarding PHPKOLKATA and I am very happy to have worked with this team. 


The quality of training is very good. Asif Sir , Baishakhi and the other team members are very helpful. Apart from training, an IT aspirant requires lot of motivation to move ahead in this challenging IT scenario. I really thank Asif Sir from the core of my heart for providing motivation and build a strong desire to take up new challenges with a competitive attitude.


I wish you all the very best.
Thanks and Regards

Abhranish Chowdhury 

Ph: 9903950350 Abhranish Chowdhury

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10. A.P.C Avenue, near Malir maat
Beside Indira Maidan,
10 mins far from Metro railway
P.O : DumDum
Kolkata 700030
Phone: 8961414220(For Placement Enquiry)
Mobile: 9831109099(For Training Enquiry)
Email: phpkolkata[@]gmail[.]com


Apply for PHP Training
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Dumdum Current Batches
Our current batch details including their mobile numbers @ phpkolkata institute
  • Subhotosh Roy - 9804339614 - BSc (IT), Gowahati
  • Arijit Chattaraj - 9434360195 - M.Tech, Asansol
  • Ayshani Malik - 8902712824 - B.Tech, Kolkata
  • Debanjan Goswami - 8697913868/9874892878 - B.Tech, Kolkata
  • Jitendra Kumar Sharma - 9031237692 - B.Tech, Dhnabad
  • Kuldeep Anand - 9641732504 - B.Tech, Jharkhand
  • Saptorshi Dana - 7685929016 - B.Tech, Kolkata
  • Biswajit Mondal - 7278373605 - 'A'Level, Sukhchar
  • Subhajit Kasandi - 9775197527 - BCA, Medinipur
  • Anil Kumar Roy - 9038876566 - B.Tech, Kolkata
  • Chandan Bhusan Tiwari - 8013969342 - , Howrah
  • Sumit Kumar - 8009572700 - HS, Kolkata
  • Amit Shee - 7864857469 - 'A'Level, Hooghly
  • Diptendu Niyogi - 9903550994 - BTech, Kolkata

Shortlisted Candidates
Recently shortlisted students
    Shortlisted 6 Programmer(s) On 24-Jul-2014
    Shortlisted 1 Programmer(s) On 23-Jul-2014
    Shortlisted 1 Programmer(s) On 23-Jul-2014
    Shortlisted 1 Programmer(s) On 23-Jul-2014
    Shortlisted 9 Programmer(s) On 23-Jul-2014
    Shortlisted 1 Programmer(s) On 23-Jul-2014
    Shortlisted 1 Programmer(s) On 23-Jul-2014
    Shortlisted 2 Programmer(s) On 23-Jul-2014
    Shortlisted 14 Programmer(s) On 22-Jul-2014
    Shortlisted 40 Programmer(s) On 22-Jul-2014
    Shortlisted 3 Programmer(s) On 21-Jul-2014
    Shortlisted 36 Programmer(s) On 21-Jul-2014
    Shortlisted 2 Programmer(s) On 21-Jul-2014
    Shortlisted 1 Programmer(s) On 21-Jul-2014
    Shortlisted 34 Programmer(s) On 19-Jul-2014
    Shortlisted 17 Programmer(s) On 19-Jul-2014
    Shortlisted 1 Programmer(s) On 19-Jul-2014
    Shortlisted 5 Programmer(s) On 18-Jul-2014
    Shortlisted 6 Programmer(s) On 18-Jul-2014
    Shortlisted 42 Programmer(s) On 18-Jul-2014
    Shortlisted 9 Programmer(s) On 17-Jul-2014
    Shortlisted 9 Programmer(s) On 17-Jul-2014
    Shortlisted 2 Programmer(s) On 17-Jul-2014
    Shortlisted 12 Programmer(s) On 17-Jul-2014
    Shortlisted 64 Programmer(s) On 17-Jul-2014
    Shortlisted 1 Programmer(s) On 17-Jul-2014
    Shortlisted 5 Programmer(s) On 17-Jul-2014
    Shortlisted 1 Programmer(s) On 17-Jul-2014
    Shortlisted 2 Programmer(s) On 17-Jul-2014
    Shortlisted 11 Programmer(s) On 16-Jul-2014
    Shortlisted 1 Programmer(s) On 16-Jul-2014
    Shortlisted 9 Programmer(s) On 16-Jul-2014
    Shortlisted 27 Programmer(s) On 16-Jul-2014
    Shortlisted 5 Programmer(s) On 15-Jul-2014
    Shortlisted 20 Programmer(s) On 15-Jul-2014
    Shortlisted 5 Programmer(s) On 15-Jul-2014
    Shortlisted 2 Programmer(s) On 15-Jul-2014
Howrah Current Batch
NOW! I have also arranged personal coaching at my house (Howrah) for the candidates who are very serious to learn PHP-Mysql with right logic.
Please contact me at 9831109099 or
Visit the site

Students Feedback

“I always believed in quality not the quantity & PHPKOLKATA proved it so damn perfectly. Being an electrical engineer I never had that much of belief that I can dig into IT industry so quickly, but our beloved tutor & mentor Md.  Asif sir proved me wrong not only by  his quality training but also by his verbal  encouragement that he always gives to you, no matter  how good or how bad  u are. And thanks to him I got that confidence back what helped me to grab the job opportunity from the very first job interview. Not only that the employer was so impressed that he offered me the post of Developer as well as IT analyst. This is just a dream come true for me. Last but not the least my heartfelt thanks to our Placement coordinator Baishakhi madam for giving us so many placement calls.  Thanks to all my friends for standing by me and wishing you guys all the very best for their bright career.

And to all the it aspirants, who want to do something real good in world of web development please do visit PHPKOLKATA and state your queries to the support team. As they are truly the best institute not only in kolkata, but also in eastern India. “

Ph: 8820839029 Deboprasad Chakraborty

Hi,I am Swarnanka Maity from Kolaghat,Medinipur.I am a student not even completed my studies.I always has a great interest in web and programming.Because i know that market of PHP in Kolkata is very good so i got admission in PHPKOLKATA and after two months even though i haven't completed my i have got a job as a Web Developer in a well known Web Development company.I am very thankfull to Asif Sir for his guidence and supervision and many many thanks for making such a great Institution.

Ph: 9475536397 Swarnanka Maity

Last 10 Registered Companies
Recent 10 companies who joined us
vehement technologies pvt ltd Sandgate Software Solutons Pvt. Ltd JUPITECH AICH Technologies OPC Pvt. Ltd. Reverso iTechnoWeb Attrahent Technologies Pvt Ltd Endue Technologies(I)Pvt.Ltd. Astel Technologies ORPHIC TECHNOLOGIES

Latest 10 Registered Programmers
Recent 10 programmer's profile overview
Siddhanta Das
7 time(s)
Ravindra Ravidas
4 time(s)
Safikul Sk
2 time(s)
Mrinmoy Mukherjee
5 time(s)
Ranjan Kumar Basak
6 time(s)
Arindam Samanta
16 time(s)
papiya adhikary
16 time(s)
priyanka dhanuka
4 time(s)
sajal das
19 time(s)
Priyanka Pandey Sarkar
6 time(s)


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