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Suppose you plan a lucrative web development career in the new age. In that case, Javascript is the most popular programing language, which is widely used by the top web developers of today. It has become the internet's default language, so you must learn Javascript Online from the best Javascript Training Institute. In line with this, we at PHP Kolkata now offer the most comprehensive javascript online course with a certificate that will empower you to have the most rewarding web development career. With the online Javascript course we offer at PHP Kolkata, you will learn directly from industry experts having experience of over 20 Years in the field. What is best at PHP Kolkata is that we offer complete job placement support to ensure you are placed at the top web development companies.

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Who Is This Online Javascript Course For?

Mid-level Javascript Developers

As an experienced web developer, if you want to boost your career, you must undergo the advanced javascript course from PHP Kolkata. Learn directly from the experts and get set on your road to a successful web development career with PHP Kolkata.


Many young students after graduation are now looking to learn javascript online and lay the foundation for a strong web development career with PHP Kolkata. Gain from our proven web development job placement system.


Why Learn Javascript Online From PHP kolkata?

When it comes time to learn Javascript online, an abundance of learning resources can make it hard to decide which one is the right fit for you. PHP kolkata stands out from the crowd with its comprehensive approach and professional instructors. The course is broken down into structured modules that make learning fast and efficient, guiding students from the basics of programming all the way up to mastering complex topics. This allows for more in depth exploration of different aspects of Javascript, as parts don't have to be rushed over or skipped entirely due to their complexity. With unlimited access and personalized in-depth courses tailored specifically to the needs of each student, PHP kolkata provides a top-notch educational experience that can give anyone a solid background in the language.

100% job opportunity
Upon completing our javascript online course with a certificate, you will get a 100% job placement opportunity from us.
Program Completion Certificate
Add value to your career with the best javascript certification online from PHP Kolkata and live your dream career.
3+ Practical Hands-on Project
With PHP Kolkata, you will have the opportunity to work on Live Projects and ultimately be industry-ready.
Daily doubt clearing sessions
Our advanced javascript course has weekly doubt-clearing sessions to ensure our students understand best.
Multiple hands-on sessions
Avail of multiple hands on sessions at PHP Kolkata for our online javascript course and be a complete master.
Career coaching (CV, motivational interviewing)
We offer career coaching from industry experts when our students learn javascript online and ensure they are always on the right track.

Syllabus for Online Javascript Course



  • Javascript Introduction and History

  • Varibales

  • DataTypes

  • Basic Operators

  • Control Structure (if else)

  • Type coercion & Type conversion

  • Es6 Strict Mode

  • Functions (declaration, expression, arrow)

  • Array

  • Object

  • Loop

  • DOM



  • Free Advance Editor for Javascript - VSCode

  • VSCode Setup

  • Usefull Extensions installing and setup

  • Editor Theme and Formatter


Javascript, The Language

  • Overview

  • Varibale Environment

  • Hoisting and Temporal Dead Zone

  • "this" keyword

  • "argument" keyword

  • Primitive Data Type

  • Object Data Type

  • Call Stack

  • Heap memory

  • Execution Environment (EC)


Modern Operators

  • Destructuring Array

  • Destructuring Object

  • Spread Operators

  • Rest Pattern

  • Short cirtuiting with "and" "or" Operators

  • Logical Assignment Operators

  • For-of Loop

  • Object litrals

  • Option Chaining

  • Object Looping - keys, values, entries

  • Data Structure

  • Sets Data Structure

  • Maps Data Structure

  • Working with Strings



  • Functions

  • Functions Parameters

  • Call, Apply, Bind Methods

  • Closour



  • Simple Array Methods

  • Map

  • Reduce

  • Filter



  • Introduction

  • Prototype

  • Prototype Inheritance

  • Prototype Chain

  • Setter & Getter

  • Object.Create Methods

  • Class

  • Encapsulation

  • Inheritance

  • Class Example

  • Chaining Methods

  • Class Summary


Promise, Async-Await, Ajax

  • Asynchronous & Synchronous Javascript

  • Ajax - Asynchronous Javascript And XML

  • Api - Application Programming Interface

  • Ajax Example using public api

  • Promise

  • Promise Mannual Error Handling

  • Error Handling in Promise

  • Promise.finally()

  • Asynchronous Javascript Behind the Scene (Event Loop)

  • MicroTask Queue

  • Consuming Promises with Async/Await

  • Error Handling With try...catch


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Benefits of Learning javascript online from PHP Kolkata

  • Job Opportunities:

    If you are looking for the best job opportunities in the web development market, there is every reason why you should learn Javascript online from PHP Kolkata. You will find the The scope of work for Java developers is very broad. It is beacsue they perform tasks from designing user interfaces to testing dynamic applications.Therefore there is a wide scope of job opportunities in the field.

  • Career Assistance:

    Even though the scope and demand for Java developers are many, but where you get trained from matters amidst all the competition. PHP Kolkata is one of the most renowned Javascript Training Institute, and we offer one of the best javascript certification online course which is well recognized in the industry.

  • Learning Support:

    At PHP Kolkata we provide complete learning support for all out students who undergo our javascript online course with certificate. As a student of this course you will have the opportunity to work on live projects to ensure you have a complete understanding of the field. So on completion of our course you will be fully industry ready.

  • Practical Learning & Networking:

    We at PHP Kolkata believe that practical training is the foundation for any web development course, including our javascript certification course. Thus, we provide our students with the opportunities to work on live projects to ensure they have practical learning of what they are taught. In the process, our students network with the best web development companies.


About The Course Instructor

Javascript indeed offers a broad scope of the best web development employment opportunities. But at the same time, when you intend to learn javascript online, you must aim to have the best training from the industry experts. In line with this, at PHP Kolkata, we have for our students the most experienced and knowledgable trainers having a vast experience of more than 20 years in the field. Moreover, the trainers at PHP Kolkata are always up to date with the latest industry trends, enabling us to provide the best javascript online course with a certificate. So enroll for the best javascript certification online from PHP Kolkata and make all your career dreams come true.

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Though beneficial and widely used, Javascript is a programing language that is relatively easy to learn, especially with the expert trainers at PHP Kolkata.

If you check, you will find that most programmers agree it takes about 6 to 9 months for one to develop working proficiency in javascript. However, with expert training from PHP Kolkata, you can expect that duration to be less if you grasp the concepts well.

Ideally, it is best to begin with, HTML, learn CSS, and finish with Javascript. You should follow this order of learning to do well in javascript development.

There is no denying that with a programming background learning javascript becomes more manageable, but it is not imperative. However, you can get started once you are aware of HTML and CSS.