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PHP Kolkata - is the leading Angular Training Institute that offers the most comprehensive Angular 8 Training Course which can help your Web Development Career reach newer heights. PHP Kolkata which has been one of the pioneers of PHP Training in Kolkata now brings for you the most comprehensive Angular Training Course in Kolkata which can help you add a completely new much-needed dimension to your web development career. Over the years we at PHP Kolkata have been training our students in PHP and Web Development Courses we have maintained an incredible job placement record. We have always striven to provide the best for our students and are always up-to-date with the latest industry trends.

It is in line we this we have started with the Angular 8 Training Course which would boost your career to the next level and demand an immediate and significant salary hike. Before we go any further let us understand Angular.

Angular: What it is?

Angular is in simple terms an open-source front end web application framework that was primarily developed and currently sustained by Google along with an extended community of people and countries. The framework combines declarative templates, dependency injection along with an end to end tooling along with best practices for overcoming web development challenges. It is what would empower you as a web developer to develop applications for the mobile as well as desktops.

Why opt for Angular Training in the current web scenario?

If you are already into web development or planning to start your career you need to realize that though the opportunities are many but so is the competition. You need to make the right career moves at the right time to make the most of the career opportunities that are available, especially since web development is a very dynamic field. Whether you want to take your career to a new direction or simply upskill your knowledge to enhance your value in your current job for an immediate salary hike, the right Angular 8 training can help you do just that.

Angular Training: Top Career Benefits

Reduced Coding: With the Angular 8, which supports Model View Controller (MVC) you can write shorter codes which require much less effort and time
Gain the Angular Edge: With the growing demand for the Angular Framework in the Software industry if you learn Angular from an experienced Angular Developer you can gain a definite edge in your career which will help you to demand a better pay package.
Function in Multiple Role- Even as a Full Stack Web Developer: With the right knowledge and skills in the latest Angular versions you could function in multiple roles like Front-End Web Developer, Software Developer, Software Architect. You could even function as a Full Stack Web Developer, whose demand in the industry is very high currently.
Create Web Applications with ease: With Angular 8 you can create your own customizable and flexible web applications that are very useful and can specifically meet different business needs.
In fact, many experts are considering the Future of Enterprise-Scale Web Applications.

Angular 8 Course Content

Level 1: Getting Started
  • 1. Full Training on TypeScript
  • 2. What is Angular
  • 3. Angular vs Angular 2 vs Angular 8
  • 4. Editing the First App
  • 5. How to understand most out of this course
  • 6. IDE setup (VScode)
  • 7. Installing useful plugins for angular
  • 8. Understand the editor
Level:2 The Basics
  • 1. How the Angular App Loads
  • 2. What is component?
  • 3. The root component (App Component)
  • 4. Create the component
  • 5. Understand the Module and Decorators
  • 6. What is Angular CLI (command line interface)
  • 7. Create a component using CLI
  • 8. Styling a component
Level:3 Data Handling
  • 1. What is Databinding
  • 2. String Interpolation
  • 3. Property binding
  • 4. Property binding vs String Interpolation
  • 5. Event binding
  • 6. Data passing in event binding
  • 7. Two-way binding
  • 8. Demo App with this level
Level 4: Understanding Directives
  • 1. What is Directives
  • 2. ngIf – output data conditionally
  • 3. enhance ngif with else condition
  • 4. ngStyle – styling element dynamically
  • 5. ngClass – styling class dynamically
  • 6. ngFor – loop to build List
  • 7. getting index with ngFor
  • 8. Assignment and Demo App
Level 5: Understand Debugging
  • 1. Important topic for any developer: debugging
  • 2. How to debug angular app
  • 3. Use debugger to debug
  • 4. How to use console
  • 5. How to use browser sourcemap to debug
  • 6. Use Augury to dive into Angular app structure
  • 7. An app with errors to solve
Level 6: Component and DataBinding more advance
  • 1. Start demo app to understand practically
  • 2. Split app into components
  • 3. Property & event binding
  • 4. Custom property (@Input decorator)
  • 5. Custom event (@output decorator)
  • 6. Local references, template variables
  • 7. Access Template and DOM with (@ViewChild decorator)
  • 8. Project content into component using ng-content
  • 9. Access project content with (@ContentChild decorator)
  • 10. Understanding component lifecycle
Level 7: Advancement with Directives
  • 1. Recap ngFor, ngIf, ngClass, ngStyle
  • 2. Custom directive, create your own directives
  • 3. @HostListner decorator to listen host events
  • 4. @HostBinding decorator to bind host properties
  • 5. Binding to directive properties
Level 8: Services and dependency injection
  • 1. Why services?
  • 2. Creating service with/without CLI
  • 3. Injecting logging services into component
  • 4. Data service
  • 5. Practicing of services
Level 9: Routing & Navigations in Angular
  • 1. Demo app to start routing practice
  • 2. Setting up Routes
  • 3. Using of RouterLink instead of href
  • 4. Understanding of navigation paths
  • 5. Navigate programmatically
  • 6. How to use Relative paths
  • 7. Passing parameters to Routes and fetching
  • 8. Passing Query String to Route and fetching
  • 9. Introduction to Route Guard
  • 10. How to secure route using Guard canActivate method
Level 10: Angular Forms
  • 1. Introduction to Angular Forms
  • 2. Template driven forms
  • 3. Use of ngModel
  • 4. Adding validation & specific validation errors
  • 5. Reactive forms
  • 6. Handling input fields with these forms
  • 7. Validating forms with ngModel & ngGroup
  • 8. Output error messages
Level 11: Rxjs - Observables
  • 1. What is observables
  • 2. Building custom observables
  • 3. Error & completion method of Observables
  • 4. Understanding of RXJS Operators
  • 5. Subscribe and unsubscribe an observables
  • 6. Understanding Memory leaks with observables
Level 12: Error Handling
  • 1. Handling Errors
  • 2. Handling unexpected errors
  • 3. Handling expected errors
  • 4. Throwing application specific errors
Level 13: Pipes in Angular
  • 1. Intro to Pipes and why is important
  • 2. Using pipes
  • 3. Creating custom pipes
  • 4. Example of creating filter pipe
  • 5. Understanding of async pipe
Level 14: Consuming HTTP Service
  • 1. Understand HTTP client module
  • 2. What is JSON
  • 3. Getting data
  • 4. Creating data
  • 5. Updating data
  • 6. Deleting data
Level 15:CRUD Project
  • 1. Merge all the topics into a single project
  • 2. Enjoy Angular with practical experience
  • 3. Build a real time CRUD (Single Page Application) in Angular
Level 16: Deployment
  • 1. Angular compiler in action
  • 2. Code setup
  • 3. Production environment
  • 4. Build your final app
  • 5. Setup with Base url to run on server

How Angular 8 is different?

When Angular was initially developed way back in 2010, some people called it the Angular JS, since it was based on Java Script. However gradually with the more advanced versions which were Angular 2, Angular 3, Angular 4, Angular 5, Angular 6, Angular 7 and finally Angular 8 in May 2019, it became a the Typescript which compiles to Javascript and is rendered in the browser.

Why opt for Angular Training from PHP Kolkata? It is true that there is currently a great demand for Angular 8 now. If you are based at Kolkata you would be wondering where I can learn Angular in Kolkata. There are many Angular Training Institutes to learn it from. But PHP Kolkata is definitely one of the best Angular Training Institute Kolkata. Here's why? Most Comprehensive Angular Training Course At PHP Kolkata we have the most comprehensive Angular 8 Training in Kolkata which starts from the very basics and covers even the most advanced Angular Concepts.

Experienced Angular Trainers

At PHP Kolkata you would learn Angular 8 from Mr. Asif Iqbal, the founder who has been in the field of web development over a long time and thus the best person to guide you throughout the Angular Training. Full Practical Exposure

When it comes to learning Angular with PHP Kolkata you can have the best practical experience as you would get the opportunity to learn Angular through the Live Projects.

Reasonable and Affordable Angular Course Fees Whether you are looking to enhance your career or you are a fresher we are sure that any course fee does matter. Here at PHP Kolkata, we have the most affordable Angular Training Fees. You can also pay on very convenient payment terms.

Full Job Support

We at PHP Kolkata offer complete Angular Job Support as well. We are tied up with some of the most reputed web development companies that offer good salaries. Besides, you can also sharpen your Job interview skills with the right support from us at PHP Kolkata and that is what you seek.

Thus in case you are looking for the best Angular 8 training in Kolkata or any other place please Contact Us!! Here you can also avail the Online Angular Training on Weekends as well.

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