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Who Is This Javacript & Angular Online Course For?

Mid-level Angular Developers

Do you struggle to be successful in your career? If so, you might be able to get the PHP developer job of your dreams with the help of our best javascript certification online. We have collaborations with top PHP programming companies for job placements.


Enroll in our well regarded online Angular Course if you're a student hoping to advance your web development career and lay a strong foundation. Learn from experts who have a thorough understanding of the sector.


Why Learn Javacript & Angular Online From PHP kolkata?

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PHP Kolkata is able to provide a wide range of professional opportunities to its students who successfully complete the best javascript school for beginners thanks to agreements with leading web development companies. To help people obtain the greatest jobs, we also provide complete interview preparation.
Program Completion Certificate
We provide the best online javascript certification so that our students may stand out from the competition.
3+ Practical Hands-on Project
The greatest online angular training that PHP Kolkata has to offer includes three or more practical, hands-on projects for your benefit.
Weekly doubt clearing sessions
You may take advantage of daily sessions for addressing your doubts with the online javascript training for beginners.
Multiple hands-on sessions
Once registered with PHP Kolkata for the top javascript certification online, you may take advantage of the several hands-on sessions.
For the finest job outcomes, the Angular Course at PHP Kolkata also offers Career Coaching (CV, Motivational interviewing).

Javascript & Angular Course Syllabus


Getting Started

  • Full Training on TypeScript

  • What is Angular

  • Angular vs Angular 2 vs Angular 8

  • Editing the First App

  • How to understand most out of this course

  • IDE setup (VScode)

  • Installing useful plugins for angular

  • Understand the editor


The Basics

  • How the Angular App Loads

  • What is component?

  • The root component (App Component)

  • Create the component

  • Understand the Module and Decorators

  • What is Angular CLI (command line interface)

  • Create a component using CLI

  • Styling a component


Data Handling

  • What is Databinding

  • String Interpolation

  • Property binding

  • Property binding vs String Interpolation

  • Event binding

  • Data passing in event binding

  • Two-way binding

  • Demo App with this level


Understanding Directives

  • What is Directives

  • ngIf – output data conditionally

  • enhance ngif with else condition

  • ngStyle – styling element dynamically

  • ngClass – styling class dynamically

  • ngFor – loop to build List

  • getting index with ngFor

  • Assignment and Demo App


Understand Debugging

  • Important topic for any developer: debugging

  • How to debug angular app

  • Use debugger to debug

  • How to use console

  • How to use browser sourcemap to debug

  • Use Augury to dive into Angular app structure

  • An app with errors to solve


Component and DataBinding more advance

  • Start demo app to understand practically

  • Split app into components

  • Property & event binding

  • Custom property (@Input decorator)

  • Custom event (@output decorator)

  • Local references, template variables

  • Access Template and DOM with (@ViewChild decorator)


Advancement with Directives

  • Recap ngFor, ngIf, ngClass, ngStyle

  • Custom directive, create your own directives

  • @HostListner decorator to listen host events

  • @HostBinding decorator to bind host properties

  • Binding to directive properties


Services and dependency injection

  • Why services?

  • Creating service with/without CLI

  • Injecting logging services into component

  • Data service

  • Practicing of services


Routing & Navigations in Angular

  • Demo app to start routing practice

  • Setting up Routes

  • Using of RouterLink instead of href

  • Understanding of navigation paths

  • Navigate programmatically

  • How to use Relative paths

  • Passing parameters to Routes and fetching

  • Passing Query String to Route and fetching

  • Introduction to Route Guard

  • How to secure route using Guard canActivate method


Angular Forms

  • Introduction to Angular Forms

  • Template driven forms

  • Use of ngModel

  • Adding validation & specific validation errors

  • Reactive forms

  • Handling input fields with these forms

  • Validating forms with ngModel & ngGroup

  • Output error messages


Rxjs - Observables

  • What is observables

  • Building custom observables

  • Error & completion method of Observables

  • Understanding of RXJS Operators

  • Subscribe and unsubscribe an observables

  • Understanding Memory leaks with observables


Error Handling

  • Handling Errors

  • Handling unexpected errors

  • Handling expected errors

  • Throwing application specific errors


Pipes in Angular

  • Intro to Pipes and why is important

  • Using pipes

  • Creating custom pipes

  • Example of creating filter pipe

  • Understanding of async pipe


Consuming HTTP Service

  • Understand HTTP client module

  • What is JSON

  • Getting data

  • Creating data

  • Updating data

  • Deleting data


CRUD Project

  • Merge all the topics into a single project

  • Enjoy Angular with practical experience

  • Build a real time CRUD (Single Page Application) in Angular



  • Angular compiler in action

  • Code setup

  • Production environment

  • Build your final app

  • Setup with Base url to run on server


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  • Job Opportunities:

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About The Online Javacript & Angular Instructor

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An comprehensive user interface for JavaScript incorporates sliders and other features. AngularJS, on the other hand, is a data-driven framework for building online apps. A strong and sophisticated programming language is JavaScript. On the other side, AngularJS is a lightweight framework that works well.

Simply said, there is a lot to learn, and I believe that in order to avoid becoming lost in a swamp, we will need to be extremely particular about our learning route and tactics. It will be difficult, at the very least. Naturally, this relies on our needs. An excellent tool for some rapid prototyping is Angular Training.

TypeScript, a superset of JavaScript, is used to create Angular. Less defects are produced as a result of good type support. thorough understanding of web markup, with an emphasis on the HTML language and CSS. All these you can master with the best online angular course from PHP Kolkata.

You don't need to have any prior knowledge of AngularJS; instead, we can go right into studying Angular 2+. Two to three months should be plenty if you are willing to dedicate at least two to three hours every day to studying Angular. To understand angular, we must first understand its fundamental ideas.

You will be able to collaborate with a variety of Angular-related businesses. Because Angular is so well-liked by the big software organizations and has such a promising future, becoming an Angular-equipped Software Developer is such a lucrative, expanding, and exciting job option. To make the most of the opportunities you need to join the best online angular course from PHP Kolkata.