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Who Is This PHP, MySQL and Laravel Online Course For?

Mid-level Developers

Are you having trouble achieving success in your career? If so, our online laravel tutorial might assist you in landing the PHP developer job of your dreams. For job placements, we have partnerships with leading PHP programming businesses.


If you're a student looking to further your web development profession, you must enroll in our top-rated online laravel course and build a solid foundation. Learn from professionals with extensive industry knowledge.


Why Learn PHP, MySQL and Laravel Course Online From PHP kolkata?

There is a cause for it, PHP Experts believe Kolakata's PHP Laravel School to be the greatest front-end developer course, and we provide all of our students with 100% job aid. Additionally, you might benefit from your involvement in more than three practical hands-on training projects. Additionally, we provide career guidance, doubt-clearing sessions, and a strong foundation to guarantee that our students have the best knowledge of the course material.

100% job opportunity
With our partnerships with the top web development firms, PHP Kolkata is able to provide our students who successfully complete the finest PHP Laravel training with a wealth of career chances. Along with this, we also provide thorough interview preparation to aid in landing the best jobs.
Program Completion Certificate
We offer very helpful Laravel Online Tutorial for enabling our students to get a distinct advantage over their competitors.
3+ Practical Hands-on Project
The PHP MYSQL Training we offer at PHP Kolkata you can have 3+ Practical-Hands-On Project for your best understanding.
Weekly doubt clearing sessions
The Weekly doubt clearing sessions at the best Laravel Course Online offered at PHP Kolkata makes it one of the most sought-after.
Multiple hands-on sessions
We offer Multiple Hands-on-Sessiobs at our Online PHP Course with Certificate for a complete understanding.
Career coaching (CV, motivational interviewing)
The PHP Laravel Course at PHP Kolkata also has Career Coaching (CV, Motivational interviewing) for the best career results.

Syllabus for PHP & MySQL Online Course


Getting Started

  • Basic Networking, How Internet works, Language Intro, What is DNS server, Web server,FTP server and HTTP server

  • how and what requries to create a website, difference between dynamic website and static website.

  • Small discussion with current technology and benefits of PHP


The Basics

  • Basic HTML Tags with practical

  • HTML Table, iFrame concept

  • Basic Css Ideas with example(External, embeded, inline)


Javascript & jQuery

  • Introduction to JAVASCRIPT

  • Basic Concept and use of JavaScript

  • Program with Registration form with JavaScript validation

  • Introduction to JQUERY

  • JQUERY Selecters

  • How to use JQUERY functions


Variables & Data types

  • Introduction to PHP variables with all data types, auto type casting

  • PHP operators

  • Conditional structure with practice

  • Flow control with small practice

  • Small program with conditions



  • PHP array

  • Associative array, Numeric array

  • Single dimensional array,multi dimensional array

  • Foreach for array

  • Array function

  • Small program with array example


Server Variables

  • Intro server variables


  • Small program with image upload

  • Program with student result image



  • Introduction to functions

  • Discuss with few important string function

  • Date & time function

  • How to create user defined function

  • Include, Require, Include_once, Require_once

  • Program with simple calculator


File handling

  • File handling(Read-write-update-delete)

  • Small practice on file handling

  • Directory handling(Create-read-delete)

  • A program with files and directory handling including image upload(use txt file as database)



  • Intro PHP session

  • Use of PHP session(discussion)

  • Login/Logout program

  • Small program of product shopping cart


Tips & tricks

  • Tips & tricks to search google to resolve problems

  • Introduction to forums,blogs,pages,in order to search stuffs

  • Mail program

  • JavaScript readymade programs

  • Free Css Templates



  • Intro with MySQL

  • Basic concept of database designing

  • Intro to PHPMyAdmin



  • Create a database to perform MySQL stuffs

  • MySQL queries

  • MySQL clauses and operators and functions




  • Practice with joining


Database Connection

  • MySQL in PHP(database connection)

  • Difference between MySQL_connect and p_connect

  • Program to run queries and fetch database

  • MySQL fetch queries


CRUD Project

  • Client interface and Admin interface concept

  • MySQL program to ADD/DIT/UPDATE into category and product table

  • Dream project at home



  • PHP Captcha for Forms

  • Ready made script practice

  • Pagination, images, Mail

  • Etc etc



  • Complete PHP classes and object

  • AJAX examples

  • Eligible for interviews


Live Project

  • START LIVE PROJECT -if required, generally student gets placed before this.


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Benefits of Learning PHP, MySQL and Laravel course online from PHP Kolkata

  • Job Opportunities:

    With our partnerships with the top web development firms, PHP Kolkata is able to provide our students who successfully complete the finest PHP Laravel training with a wealth of career chances. Along with this, we also provide thorough interview preparation to aid in landing the best jobs.

  • Career Assistance:

    One factor contributing to the popularity of our Laravel online tutorials and training is the comprehensive career aid we offer at PHP Kolkata. Due to our comprehensive career help, we also have a flawless track record for job placement. We partner with web development firms and also provide mock interview sessions.

  • Learning Support:

    Concerned about learning assistance? You must go with PHP Kolkata's top PHP MySQL training. Direct access to industry specialists with extensive work history and up-to-date knowledge of the most recent developments in the field means that you may receive complete learning support from them. Stay ahead of the fierce career competition by receiving training from PHP Kolkata.

  • Practical Learning & Networking:

    For our finest laravel course online, just like all the other web development courses we provide at PHP Kolkata, you get the chance to obtain Practical Learning & Networking experience since you may work on real projects while receiving front-end development training. As a result, you get hired by the best web development businesses since you were already industry-ready when you started.


About The Online Course Instructor

Whatever PHP Laravel course you choose, you should be aware that the success of the training depends heavily on the course instructor. You'll be happy to learn that Md. Asif Iqbal will be your main instructor when you enroll in PHP's premier PHP MYSQL training  in Kolkata. Having worked in the web development industry  for more than 20 years, he is a real expert and well-respected in the industry. In the area of best laravel course online he was a pioneer. His experience is exceptional even for PHP MySQL training  for beginners. Even the most complex concepts are made simple for beginners to comprehend by him. Therefore, if you require PHP training, PHP Kolkata is the most sought-after field for you.

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Even beginners may easily understand Laravel's expressive and elegant syntax. Model-view-controller (MVC) architecture, on which the framework is built, makes it easier to handle intricate projects of a big size. Additionally PHP Laravel provides a huge selection of libraries, tools, and templates.

If you are the best Laravel Course then PHP Kolkata is the best choice for you. You can have useful Laravel Online Tutorial and lots of other tools which provides a great learning experience.

It might take up to six months to learn Laravel. It could just take three weeks if you have PHP experience and with the best php mysql training . To make the most of this framework, Laravel's official documentation highly suggests mastering HTML, Core PHP, and Advanced PHP.

With Laravel, you can create contemporary online apps with all the functionality you need, like routing, validation, caching, queues, file storage, and more. Thus you need to be trained in the best laravel course online.

Learning PHP is a must for using the Laravel framework, which was developed using PHP and oops ideas. Using PHP and MySQL forms, perform, add, and update.You can learn online php course with certificate from PHP Kolkata.