PHP Training in Kolkata | PHP Courses Kolkata

5 December 2022

PHP Training in Kolkata | PHP Courses Kolkata

PHP Training in Kolkata

“PHP Kolkata” provides the best PHP training in Kolkata for getting agolden career in PHP. As a brand we are the Best and professional PHP training institute in Kolkata where we promise to provide you a professional PHP course with guaranteed job support, which would be relevant to your ability and domain. We have an expert team of IT professionals who teach advanced PHP courses in Kolkata. Here you can directly connect to our students who are experts in PHP, through our unique PHP Job Portal and Facebook social media which will help you to boost up your career. We have a huge database for PHP jobs. This is why we have since 1st of Jan,2007 successfully placed 2500+ students in reputed organizations. Soonce trained from “PHPKolkata” getting a good PHP job would notbe an issue for you. So, if you are fresh out of college and looking for the best PHP training institute in Kolkata then “PHPKolkata” is the one which is a trustable brand for you and for your career, and not only that we are also bound to provide you lifetime Job Support. With the great Internet boom there are huge demand for Web development training/jobs and PHP development training/jobs in the current IT field.  Thus there are a whole lot of PHP Companies looking for freshers and experienced PHP developer with proper knowledge of PHP programming. Therefore particularly in PHP, job openings for fresher in Kolkata is very high.

Why look for PHP Course in Kolkata?<h2>

Kolkata, nowadays is becoming more famous for PHP programmers and companies, the number of PHP companies in Kolkata incredibly increasing, we alone having 1000+ PHP companies registered to our JOB Portal. Apart from Employers, we are having 3000+ PHP developer registered to us, and this is clear sign that programmers are doing great in this domain in Kolkata and there are lots of PHP job opportunities in Kolkata. Thus you can be sure that once you are trained through the right PHP Course in Kolkata, that includes sufficient theory and practical sessions, you would always be in great demand in the job market of web development in Kolkata. We have been successfully placed over 2000 students from our PHP training Institute since 2007 in various reputed organizations throughout Kolkata. So get enrolled for the right PHP course in Kolkata and get ready for a highflying PHP development career in Kolkata.  

Value of PHP MYsql Training<h3>

PHP is an open source web based service site scripting language and it is a popular programming language which is used to create dynamic websites. PHP with MySQL database is used to build database driven, dynamic application and interactive websites. Owing to its various benefits the popularity of PHP worldwide has grown by leaps and bounds. Thus be it Face book, Yahoo, Digg, or Delicious or giant online portals globally, a majority of them are based on PHP. There is plenty of scope for you to develop a PHP career in Kolkata and to get the PHP job exposure you need the right PHP mysql training from top PHP training center. Our PHP course in Kolkata is best designed for you to fit into that need and our PHP dedicated Job Portal is great advantage for our students.      

PHP Training Features<h4>

  • Our PHP course is not limited to any specific time.
  • PHP Course proceeds as per student learning capability and catching power.
  • Course repeat facility for all students for FREE of cost.
  • Theory and Practical classes held with every session.
  • Per class 2-3 hours session.
  • One Student one computer facility.
  • Free lifetime programmer account on our JOB PORTAL(
  • Lifetime placement assistance.
Who can attend our PHP training Course in Kolkata at PHP Kolkata?<h5>
  • If you are a graduate, B.E student or any other student  who is looking to develop a career in PHP and Web designing
  • You are looking for PHP jobs in Kolkata
  • Are a SEO professional looking for basic programming knowledge
  • or if you are looking to work as a freelancer from Home with knowledge of Web development
  • Even if you are a software professional with knowledge of Java, C#,Dot Net, etc.
  • If you are already a Web Developer or Application Developer
  • Any Career aspirant looking for an exciting PHP career
Why Choose “PHPKolkata” for PHP training in Kolkata? With the great Career opportunities in PHP in Kolkata, a number of PHP Institutes have mushroomed up. However the following are the top reasons why our PHP course stands out.
  • You get the best PHP training from the best faculty in the industry. Learn from PHP trainer having experience of more than 8 years.
  • A comprehensive PHP course which covers PHP, Mysql, Html 5, CSS, Javascripts and Ajax
  • Along with the best theoretical aspects you can get a great practical insight.
  • You have opportunities to work of Live PHP projects , which will make you ready for PHP jobs in Kolkata
  • We provide 100% placements in MNC and 2-tier Companies which offer high salaries
  • Our batch sizes are restricted to a maximum of 12 students. so you can get the maximum individual attention during your PHP training
How PHP Kolkata would help you to get the best PHP jobs in Kolkata?<h4>
  • Get to know about the best PHP jobs offered by the leading PHP Companies in Kolkata  by our PHP Job Portal.
  • Get job oriented training and 100% Job placement support from us
  • You will getfull support from us starting from Resume to job interview preparation.
  • We conduct mock exams and interviews to crack the PHP job interviews
So in case you are really serious about a high flying Web designing and Web Development career then you need to get trained from the best PHP trainer in Kolkata. “PHP Kolkata” is the right PHP Training Institute for you to have the perfect launching pad for a great career in PHP development. To enroll for our PHP course get in touch with us. PHP Training Course Modules<h5> PHP Training Course Module #1<h6> Basic Networking
  • How Internet works
  • Language Intro
  • What is DNS server
  • Web server
  • FTP server
  • HTTP and STTPS server
  Basic Intro on Website
  • What is Website
  • Type of Website E-commerce(shopping), Recharging, Informative(Blog) etc
  • Why we create a website
  • Difference between dynamic website and static website.
                                                                                              Small discussion with current technology and benefits of PHP PHP Training Course Module #2 Basic Knowledge on HTML Tags with practical
  • What is HTML?
  • Opening and closing tag
  • Title Tag<title>
  • Meta Tag<meta>
  • Head Tag<head>
  • Body Tag<body>
  • Heading Tag<h1><h2>…<h6>
  • Few more tag <div><p><b><strong><a><img><form> Etc
  • HTML Table, iFrame concept
Basic Css Ideas with example(External,embeded,inline) PHP Training Course Module #3 JavaScript and Jquery
  • Introduction to JavaScript
  • Basic Concept and use of JavaScript
  • Program with Registration form with JavaScript validation
  • Introduction to JQUERY
  • JQUERY Selectors
  • How to use JQUERY functions
PHP Training Course Module #4 Introduction of PHP
  • What is PHP?
  • Why PHP?
  • <?php ?>, <? ?> intro
  • History of PHP
  • PHP operators
  • PHP variables with all data types, auto type casting
  • Conditional structure with practice
  • Flow control with small practice
  • Small program with conditions
PHP Training Course Module #5 PHP Array
  • PHP array
  • Associative array
  • Numeric array
  • Single dimensional array
  • Multi-dimensional array
  • Foreach for array
  • Array function
  • Small program with array example
PHP Training Course Module #6
  • Intro server variables
  • GET
  • POST
Small program with image upload Program with student result image