Interview Tips - 9 tips to improve interview performance

17 January 2022

Interview Tips - 9 tips to improve interview performance

You must be fresh out of college and looking for building a successful career. You might look for the right career field. Being in the field of PHP Training since long, we at PHP Kolkata tried to highlight the great prospects of a PHP career from time to time. In our previous blog titled" PHP interview questions for freshers and experienced candidates" we even provided with the probable questions you are likely to be asked at your job interview. In this blog we will provide you with 9 essential tips to clear your job interview.

Improving your performance at Job interview:

1. Dress right

Dress plays a very important role. So you need to dress appropriately. You need to well groomed. As a male you need to well shaved. Be in tie if required and the appropriate formal dress with the right set of boots. interview tips As a female you need to dress appropriately too. Dressing right can go a long way to giving the right impression to the interviewer.

2. Practice good non verbal communication

You need to demonstrate confidence by standing straight, making eye contact and by connecting with a firm handshake. The non verbal communication can give a great beginning to your interview. You need to practice to get it right.

3. Listen carefully

Listening forms an important part of the entire communication process. We often get too caught up by speaking instead of listening. Listening carefully itself conveys that you are giving importance to the person who is speaking. So get into the habit of listening at the interviews.

4. Be prepared about questions you are likely to be asked

Being well prepared with your subject is absolutely crucial. As a professional your potential employer would always look for the right candidate who has great knowledge and can deliver when hired. So be well prepared with your subject. Besides there could be certain questions in regard to yourself for e.g "Tell me about yourself?" or "Why we should hire you"? We have covered in great detail about the probable questions. So prepare them thoroughly so that you can answer when asked.

5. Be honest in your approach.

There is a tendency for candidates to try to be over smart. But you need to realize that the interviewers are smart people who are all experts in their field. Interview ideas Thus you need to be honest in your approach. If you do not know the answer to any question it is best to admit that you do not know rather than to know and then failing to answer the same.
6. Ask questions if you need to
When you are asked whether you have any questions, it is best to ask them. This demonstrates the fact that you have genuine interest in the company you are likely to be employed in. Besides in case you have any doubts in regard to your job it is always best to have them clarified rather than staying in doubt.
7. It is best not to talk too much
You must not commit the mistake of telling the interviewers that you know more than what he or she needs to know. It is best to answer to the point when asked than speaking too much. This may irritate the interviewer.
8. Be confident not over confident
Interviewers always like to have people who are confident but not those who are over confident. So you need to keep this in mind at the interview.
9. Learn to relax and do not appear to be desperate
In your anxiety at the interview you may be very nervous and appear to be desperate. You need to learn to relax at the interview. We hope that the 9 tips provided above will help you to clear any job interview.