List of top websites for PHP Tutorials - You Must Follow It

13 December 2022

List of top websites for PHP Tutorials - You Must Follow It

PHP development is in great demand right now. The popularity of this web development language is growing by leaps and bounds throughout the world. This is why there are a host of PHP companies who are looking to recruit budding PHP developers all the time. Thus if you are able to develop a PHP career it can indeed be lucrative in the long run. We had covered in our earlier blog titled "Get to know the salary of PHP developers in India" that to command a good salary in the field your knowledge of PHP is essential. You can rule the IT job market with the right knowledge. In this blog we will try to make you aware about certain top websites you can use for PHP tutorials which you can use for your knowledge in the field.

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Top Websites for PHP tutorials is the most popular websites in the world for PHP and it is fast, flexible and pragmatic. If you love PHP then you must follow on regular basis for any update.

PHP Manual

PHP manual is one the most authoritative websites in terms of developing your knowledge about PHP. It is a comprehensive guide on PHP .It covers everything from basic commands and their usage to overall security and functions. One of the great things about this website is  the segment in each page that permits clients to post their remarks and involvement with their capacity.

PHP tutorials from Tizag

You can refer to website as an ideal PHP reference material. It largely focuses on the definition of PHP, methods for using them. This is indeed a very useful website for all PHP developers.

PHP tutorials from W3 schools

This is another very helpful Website for learning PHP.  It is similar to Tizag. It could be as a reference rather than a step by step tutorial or guide.

FromDev is a website that devotes much time for distributing PHP. Any PHP developer to stay updated about the latest trends in the field must follow the tutorials here. In fact this is a website which welcomes inputs and articles from PHP developers. So not only can you learn a lot from this website you can also contribute towards someone else's learning once you have acquired the knowledge in this field.

YouTube Video tutorial from Derek Banas

YouTube video tutorials are an excellent way to learn any subject. If you want to learn about PHP you could follow the video tutorials of Derek Banas an expert in the field. He even makes tutorials based on the requests he receives. So you too can use these videos for your learning PHP development.

In conclusion we can say that by following the websites mentioned above you could learn in great detail about PHP development. In case you are looking for PHP training in Kolkata you must get it from PHP Kolkata, a leading training institute in the field.

PHP Kolkata

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