Latest Wed Design Trends you need to Master

9 August 2022

Latest Wed Design Trends you need to Master

With the internet set to rule over the years to come, businesses need websites and web applications that are the most advanced and attractive. They must not look great but at the same time be user friendly and SEO friendly. If you aspire to be a top web designer then you need to master the latest web design trends to stay ahead of the cut throat competition. We at PHP Kolkata offer one of the best web design course in Kolkata. Let us now take a look at some of the latest web design trends at present:

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Component based design systems

Web design now is all about design systems. These include components like design standards, documentation, and one great advantage of using these is the UI toolkit with patterns and codes. Design systems help to maintain consistency in terms of design across all the organization’s products and even within the individual products. Since this is the latest in web design, you need to have the right knowledge of design systems.

Polygonal Shapes and Geometric shapes

One of the top web design trends for web designing in 2018 is the focus on geometric themes, which is specific on polygons and layered shapes.

Tactile web design

One of the emerging web design trends in the current times is the use of “Tactile Web Design”. In simple terms Tactile design is what makes objects appear real in the digital space.

Web designs in regard to desk top versus Mobile phones

Ever since the arrival of the smart phones there has been a rivalry between the desktop versus mobile devices. It is being seen now that rather than cramming a complex design into a mobile device or moving into a simplistic system like on the desktop, top web design and web development companies are now designing more device specific variations of the same product, web site or mobile app.

Simple Home pages

It is a return back to the basics. Homepages in the current era act more as a gateway rather than a source of all the information.

Use of beautiful photography and videography

Studies reveal that visuals are processed 60,000 faster than texts. This is why as a web designer you need to use the best visuals be it in terms of photos or videos.

The above are just some of the latest web design trends which you need to master. It is however only the right web designing training which can equip with the latest in the industry.