Career Scope for Android development in current Job Scenario

15 November 2022

Career Scope for Android development in current Job Scenario

If you are fresh out of college and looking to build your career it is important that you choose a career field which offers great future scope. When it comes to building careers you would know that we now live in the “Digital Age” with a host of tech career opportunities. Out of the many sectors which have been booming in India, Mobile technology has been at the forefront. The penetration of smartphones has dominated every nook and corner of the country. With so much happening in e-commerce mobile app development now plays a key role. Thus in case you are based in Kolkata then you need to be on the lookout for the right Android Development Training Institute in Kolkata which can provide you with the right foundation for a high flying Android Development Career.

Reasons why Android Development would grow?

It is now clear that mobile technology and smartphones would rule supreme in the future. Today you have Mobile apps for almost everything. This is why now businesses are always looking at ways and means to boost their business using such tools.

When it comes to Operating Systems (OS) for smartphones you must note that android OS runs on more than 75% of the smartphones in India. Globally these figures are even larger. It is seen that worldwide as much as 85% of smartphones run on Android OS. This is an indication of the host of advantages of choosing an Android platform for application development.

The following are some major benefits of choosing android app development rather than other platforms such as iOS, Windows, Blackberry OS etc:

  • Android OS is one which is an Open Source- making it a very robust platform and choice of most Mobile App Developers
  • Android is a very Adaptable User Interface- Which makes it very flexible and customizable for any app which one may be looking for
  • Massive Mobile App Market- With most smartphones in the market now having Android as the main OS, the demand for Android Developed apps are huge

Choose the right Android Development Institute

With the growing demand for Android Development, many Android Training Institutes have mushroomed up in Kolkata much like other places. Most of them make tall claims. However, as a young career aspirant, you need to be careful. You must choose the right Android Training Institute Kolkata for a successful career in the field.