Artificial Intelligence to play a key role in Android Development in future

9 December 2022

Artificial Intelligence to play a key role in Android Development in future

Over the recent years out of the many emerging technologies which have made significant impact in the tech world Artificial Intelligence popularly now known as AI is one. This is what is currently contributing significantly over the current evolution of technology. When we speak of technology today Mobile apps especially Android App development is dominating the market. So AI would also have a significant impact on Android App development in future. So in case you are a young career aspirant looking for a top android training institute in Kolkata look for one which takes the latest trends in consideration for training. In fact according to a latest report in regard to AI, it is being estimated to cross USD 17 Billion by the year 2020.

Role of AI Technology for Android Development

When we speak of AI it basically involves making the machines capable of learning and interacting in a way similar to what human beings do. These advances A.I. machines and applications are meant to provide benefits to humans. This is to be done by assisting in getting basic tasks done in an appropriate way that delivers an accurate result. 

One more reason which makes the AI-based apps and machines highly productive is that they are not subjected to various emotional challenges. This is what is usually faced by humans. It could lead to errors in the tasks. For example AI apps are not biased towards a particular situation. This in turn means much more accurate judgment and action.  

This latest trending technology has virtually has been in the forefront of all sectors which include the tourism sector to the healthcare & medicine sector.

For Android App developers the point which is to be noted is that AI in Mobile devices is now a complete reality. In fact Google too now recognizes the importance of incorporating AI and has shifted its priorities of having the same on its platform. This is why you too as a budding android developer should keep this in mind for choosing Android Training Kolkata. So there is great scope for creation of AI apps. This is what would rule the future. In the fast changing world the one which technology which would rule everything including mobile app development is AI. So while opting for Android Training in Kolkata or anywhere else, ensure that you get some exposure to AI as well.