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Location : 507A, Chinarpark ,Kolkata

State : West Bengal (India)

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    United States Transit Funding, Inc.
    7th December 2017 3:47 AM

    WebGen Technologies has all of the following attributes: (1) Failure to deliver timely and accurate web-based solutions. Firm was hired to deliver three client websites and one United States Transit Funding, Inc. website update and fixes. The three client updates had issues because of its failure to pay attention to detail and one project did not even receive a qualified project update demonstrating a complete improvement of the front end design. (2) The company leadership failed to provide project management other than through Skype conversations and via email. There was no project management schedule that was based on tasks and project milestone payments. (3) Failed to provide customer service and mocked its clients on a regular basis. (4) Failed to deliver projects on time leading to a breach of contract. (5) Misrepresented its firm by having a United States office and attempted to have me provide to have a presence in the United States even though they breached their own contract that was fairly negotiated and then complained about the rate that their own management negotiated during project work. (6) They do not provide refunds based on their own inability to complete work, provide quality project management and despite their own breach of contract. (7) If you are looking to work with an IT firm - look elsewhere.

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