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About us

Ndedge Informatics Private Limited is a leading global multi-skilled IT solution company with competent workforce and strong presence in India. With several years of expertise, quality delivery of service and quality integrated methodologies; Ndedge Informatics Private Limited have been able to carve out a niche for themselves as one of the most notable trailblazers in the IT Industry in India.
Ndedge Informatics Private Limited uses an extremely competent global delivery method in providing quality-based solutions and professional services to its esteemed clients.
Our strongest advantage is our excellent pool of our skilled workforce; our skilled resource is recruited from the finest the industry can boast of in India. We can boast of a vibrant skilled resource that provides a vibrant combination of technological skills and strategic IT consultancy services.
Ndedge Informatics Private Limited offers
• a full range of Oracle database administration configuration and support including or excluding real application cluster and dataguard.
• Oracle cloud infrastructure configuration and support.
• Virtual environment to cloud migration by Ravello.
• BP for XaaS, DB2,laaS,Paas, and SaaS-enabled business environments ,
• Setting up or implementing on-premise environments with Oracle data appliances,
• zero downtime migration for Oracle databases,
• licensing for different OS, like Oracle Solaris and Oracle Linux ,Easy to use architecture for Oracle E-business suite,
• On-premise to cloud migration,
• Providing server hardware and network components from different vendors, Oracle Partners Network.
• Support and configuration oracle sign-on.
Ndedge Informatics Private Limited has a solid client base that spans across several industries; in our focus market segment we have accumulated an enviable list of clients because of our customer centric approach.
Ndedge Informatics Private Limited competitive advantage and source of value to our esteemed client stems not only from our expertise in rendering IT professional services, but from several aspect of our business model which consist of
• technology and business competency centers,
• rigorous programme and project management,
• state of the art computing and communication infrastructure, client-centric approach account management,
• Innovative offshore development approach and business continuity preparedness.
We remain focus on our prime objective which is delivering high quality solutions to our clients at optimal cost by adopting the vital and advanced technologies by empowering professionals and building a solid base and trust relationship with our esteemed clients, with financial transparency, strong pipeline resource and state of the art infrastructure and excellent corporate governance practice, our clients would experience the benefit of our world class staff with methodologies that has been proven overtime to deliver the benefits of a unique client focused culture, a high offshore staffing ratio and management that is committed and focused on building a long term relationship. All of these we provide to our clients in partnership with IBM Business solution.
Ndedge Informatics Private Limited offers different Data Base administration services such as but not limited to the following:
• General tasks
Installation, configuration, upgrade, and migration of Data Bases.
• Backup and Recovery
Periodic testing of backup and recovery plan for the databases.
• Database Security
The three basic security tasks are authentication (setting up user accounts to control logins to the database), authorization (setting permissions on various parts of the database), and auditing (tracking who did what with the database).

• Storage and Capacity Planning
Planning disk storage and monitoring available disk in addition to watching growth trends are important on long-term capacity plans and management.
• Performance Monitoring and Tuning
Monitoring the database server on a regular basis to identify bottlenecks, tuning a database server on multiple levels, and analyzing the way queries against the database are coded.
• Troubleshooting
Quick Analysis and resolution of Database issue and problems without losing data or making the situation worse.
• High Availability
Utilizing and using techniques such as Real Application Cluster (RAC), content switch load balancer, Parallel Concurrent processing (PCP), online backups, clustering, replication, and standby databases are all tools Ndedge Informatics Private Limited can use to ensure high availability.
Database administration refers to the entire activities performed by a database administrator to ensure that a database readily made available when needed. It entails the functions of maintaining and managing the database management systems.
The role of database administration is usually dedicated to the IT department for a big firm, while small firms that cannot afford the cost of setting up a full-time database administration department engage the services of IT firms to handle their database administration.
The primary importance of database administration is to ensure that there is sufficient up time for the database, to enable the database to always be available especially when needed. This will involve taking proactive periods of monitoring and troubleshooting.
The responsibility of database administration involves installing and configuring database servers and other related products, evaluating the features of a database, maintain a sound recovery policies and backup procedures for the recovery of data, taking maximum care of the implementation and database design, maintaining and implement database security roles, maintaining and setting up standards and documentation, monitoring performance and application tuning.
The personnel and skill that would be required to manage a database is dependent on the level of automation of the database. A database with a very minimal automation would require some reasonable significant experience resources to effective management. An organization may want to automate some significant amount of its work that can be done manually to reduce the skill that would be required to perform the task. As the level of automation increases, the needs of the personnel of a firm divides into highly skilled workers, who are saddled with the responsibility of creating the automation and also managing it, and another group consisting of lower skilled workers whose duties is to execute the automation.
The work of Database administration is quite complex, and requires a lot of training, it is also time consuming and repetitive. Since a database is of critical importance to a firm, firms usually look for candidates with multiple years of experience for a big firm who want to employ in their IT department and for small firms to contract a seasoned and reputable IT firm.
Database administration often requires the administrator to work off-hours to ensure efficiency of data.
Types of Database Administration
As your database administrator, we offer the following database administration services:
• Development Database Administration which entails the development and logical aspect of our database administration which involves tuning, coding, data definition language generation, SQL Writing, Coding stored procedures, functionality and pre-production activities.
• Application Database Administration to firms that purchased third party application like customer relationship management and enterprise resource planning systems, examples of these applications software are Siebel and PeopleSoft, oracle application.
• System Database Administration which is the physical aspect of Database administration which includes, installations, configurations maintenance, backups, upgrades, refreshes, restores, optimization of performance, patching and disaster discovery.
We offer E- Business Suit Installation
• We offer standard installation.
• Express installation.
• Installation in silent mode.
Our installation of the E-business suit comprises of several steps
• Installing the Commvault,
• reviewing the requirements of the commvault software,
• loging on the administrator console by using the URL that was shown on the installation completion package or the URL received from the backup administrator,
• The administrator console is registered if not already registered
• The core setup wizard is completed and the EBS setup wizard too.
• The final step is to configure the application tier Nodes and Database
E- Business suite is designed to support contemporary business models which continue to evolve to ensure productivity and to satisfy the demands of the modern day mobile user.
In contemporary time Ecommerce has become the biggest growth driver in the world marketplace. It is so important to any business that wants a fast and steady growth and wider business coverage.
Our installation of E- Business suit gives a customer front end component of an online business. Like other business, online business requires additional software to manage inventory, customer service, management of orders, accounting and other back end functions, the process of combining various software solution to create a complete ecommerce suit is complicated and require regular maintenance.
• Our installation of E- Business suit will allow customers to buy product, not just products but even services from online store. Ecommerce suit ensures the unification of important business processes, where business can be made visible across the company meeting the company’s customer’s expectation. An ecommerce business suite should have the following features.
• a 360 degree view
It should be able to provide consistent and a sort of personalized cross-channel experiences for its customers, deliver quality customer service and targeted marketing using a single view of all customer transaction and interaction across all channels.
An ecommerce business platform should deliver a highly innovative customer experience. The mobile, web and in-store should be able to create a unique and personalized customer experience that make a brand a standout, such experience should exceed the expectation of the customers.

It should run on a unified, single platform
All Integration, between other various separate systems with native unified ecommerce should be eliminated, marketing merchandising, POS, order inventory management, order management, accounting, customer services, and even financial that are carried out on a cloud-based platform.
Unlimited expansion should be supported
Sited should be quickly deployed for multiple business brands, channels, models, currencies, countries and languages on the same platform.
An ecommerce suit has all important business functions all integrated into one solution; the platform provides for improved collaboration and ensures that all operational processes are aligned and also ensures that real-time data visibility is provided across the entire organization. An integrated platform ensures that inventory and order management, customer support, content management, promotions, pricing, procurement, analytics, reporting should be driven in a cohesive manner.
• We Install ,Provide support and configuration oracle Single Sign-On
Single sign-on refers to system that requires verification and authentification for each application, but uses the same credential from a Directory server for system and Directory server authentification where access to multiple applications can be gotten from a single authentication by passing the authentication token to already configured application as sign on.
Single sign-on is a property of access control software system that are independent but multiple related, with a Single sign-on, a user is able to log in with a single identification and password to access connected system or accomplished with the use of Lightweight Directory Access Protocol and stored Lightweight Directory Access Protocol databases on servers.
Conversely, single sign-off can be said to be the property whereby access to multiple software system is terminated by a single action of signing out.
As various resources and application support various authentication mechanisms, single sign- on must have to store credential internally, credentials that are used for initial authentication and translate those credentials to credentials that are required for different mechanisms.
Single sign –on do have some notable Benefits, it reduce password fatigue usually experienced from different username and password combination, it also reduces the delay in time spent for re-entering passwords for the same identity, Single sign –on also mitigate the risk of access to third party sites.
Our oracle sign-on configuration makes your work easier by doing off with the need to create double passwords for your premise and cloud accounts, our single password configuration will increase the need for caution by ensuring that a strong password is created.
• We configure and Install Oracle Goldengate
Our step by step configuration and installation consist of
• Downloading Goldengate Software ,
• installation of Goldengate on source server,
• unzipping the software, environmental settings,
• installation,
• creating Database in source Database,
• Enabling Database- Level Supplemental logging,
• creating the GLOBALS file,
• enabling sequence support
• enabling DDL Support,
• configuring the MGR File,
• installation of Goldengate on target server,
• unzipping the software, environmental settings,
• installation,
• creating Database User in Target Database,
• adding checkpoint table,
• creating the GLOBALS file,
• Configuring the MGR file.
Goldengate has the capability of enabling the manipulation and exchange of data among multiple at the transaction level on heterogeneous platforms across enterprise. Goldengate moves transaction with minimal overhead on existing infrastructure and transaction integrity. Its architecture provides the user the flexibility to extract and replicate specific selected data records transactional changes, data definition language, across different topologies. With its flexibility, transformation and filtering and its custom processing feature, its user can support a variety of business requirements like
• data integration,
• business continuance,
• high availability,
• initial load,
• database migration,
• Data warehousing and decision support.
Our Goldengate configuration can be used for
• Static extraction of data records from a database and uploading the records to another database.
• Extraction from a database and replicated to another file outside the database.
• To keep its source and target data consistent by continuously extracting and replicating data definition language and transactional data manipulation language.
Goldengate comprises of the following components
• A collector,
• A manager
• Check points
• Replicat
• Data pump
• Extract files or trails
• Extract

• We also install Open Source Software
Our installation process is as follows
• We use the Oss package manager to install a pre-built binary package.
• After which we download and uncompress the source code.
• In the terminal, we move into the extracted directory and Run ". /configure" to configure the software.
• Then we run "make" to compile the software and also run "make install" to install the software.
Open Source software is a kind of computer software that has its source code release under a license whereby the holder of the copyright of the software gives users of the software the right to study, alter and share the software to others for any purpose. Open source software could be developed through public collaboration.
One of the major advantages of open source software is ease of obtaining it, as compared to proprietary software which is the major reason for its increased used.
Open source software has helped in building the loyalty of the developer because they have a sense of ownership of the end product of the software and actually feel more empowered. Open source software is a big and good tool to promote a company’s public image and commercial products. Some of our open sources are Postgres, MySQL, Mongo DB,

• We install Postgres
• We use the apt packaging system for easy installation.
Postgres is a database management system that is object- relational, it lays emphasis on standard compliance and extensibility. Postgres ensures data integrity and is reliable. Postgres as a database server has the core function of safely storing data and supporting best practices, and retrieves the stored data when requested by other software application, whether it is on the same computer device or another computer across a network.
Postgres can handle various workloads from small single machine applications to very large internet facing application having so many concurrent users. Newer version of it has the ability to replicate database to ensure scalability and security Postgres is available in Linux and Microsoft windows and is also the default database on macOS Server.
Postgres is SQL: 2O11 standard complaint, transactional and ACID-compliant. Postgres provides immunity to full serializability and dirty reads uses several indexing method to handle complex SQL queries, it has a materialized and updatable view that supports various functions and stores procedures, it also has a large number of extension written by third parties. Apart from the possibility of working with major open source and proprietary database, Postgres by its extensive standards support migration, and in circumstance where proprietary extensions had been used, it has the ability to emulate built-in and third party open source compatibility extensions because of its extensibility.
• We also install and configure MySQL.
MySQL is an open source relational database management system; it is a central component of LAMP open-source web application. MySQL is used in twitter, YouTube, Google although not for search, facebook, flickr and so many other large scale and high profile websites.
MySQL is written in C AND C++ programming language and makes use of a home-brewed lexical analyzer with its SQL passer in yacc, MySQL can effectively work on different system platforms ranging from Microsoft windows, HP-UX, eComStation, NetBSD, OpenBSD, Oracle Solaris, SunOS, AIX, BSDi, FreeBSD, HP-UX, i5/OS, Novell NetWare, macOS, Linux, IRIX, AIX, symbian, SCO OpenServer, SCO UnixWare, Tru64 and Sanos

We install Mongo DB
• Our installation process installs both MongoDB binaries and also the default configuration file.
Mongo DB is an open source document database, a cross-platform document-oriented database program. It support regular expression, field and range query searches. The fields in its document can be indexed with both primary and secondary indices. Its availability high and can be replicated because of it’s replica set that consist of two or more copies of the data, with each of the replica set member having the ability to act in a primary or secondary role replica at any given time.
The reads and writes by default are carried out by the primary replica, while the secondary replicas are saddled with the responsibility of maintaining a copy of the primary data using in-built replication. When there is a failure of the primary replica, automatically the replica set carries out an election to determine which secondary replica would become a primary replica. Mongo Db supports capped collections. Capped collection insertion order and once it reaches the specified size, it starts behaving like a circular cheque.
MongoDB can also be used as a file system named grid file system, with data replication features and load balancing over two or more than two machines for storing files, MongoDB brings out the functions of file content and manipulation to developers. Grid file system divides files in to various parts and stores each of those parts as a separate document. Grid file system can be access through plugins or mongofiles utility for lighttpd and Nginx
MongoDB provides three different ways of performing aggregation,
• the single purpose aggregation method,
• the aggregation pipeline and
• the map reduce function.
Aggregation framework ensure that the user is able to obtain the same result the SQL Group By clause is used. The frameworks consist of the statistical operator like standard deviation as well as the look up operator that can join document from two or more documents.
MongoDB has the ability to scale horizontally with the use of sharding. This is done by the choosing a shard key which determines the way data in a collection will be distributed. The data is then split into ranges based on the shard key and is then distributed across multiple shards. MongoDB has the ability to run over multiple sever, either by duplicating data or balancing the load to ensure the system is up and running in event of hardware failure.

• We also install and set up Cloud Computing
• Our private cloud setup entails a systematic progression from assessment to optimization.
Cloud computing can be said to be a shared pool of computer system resources that are configurable and also a high level service that has the ability to be rapidly provisioned with very little effort on the management, frequently over the internet.
Cloud computing heavily relies on the sharing of resources to achieve economies of scale and coherence like that of public utility, when a third party cloud is used by an organization, it enables the organization to focus on their core business rather than spending its resources on computer infrastructure and the maintenance of the infrastructure. Cloud computing allows companies to minimize and avoid up front IT infrastructural cost. It is easily manageable and requires less maintenance as such cloud computing enables enterprise to easily get their applications up and running faster.
• We install and configure DevOps
We Install and Configure OpSource DevOps Tools observing the following steps
• We Install or Update Java to Version 8,
• Install and Configure GIT ,GIT Configuration,
• Initialize a GIT repository,
• Add and Commit files to GIT repository,
• Installing Maven,
• Installing Jenkins,
• Changing default Jenkins Port,
• Start Jenkins Service, Stop Jenkins Service,
• Launch Jenkins, Installing Tomcat,
• Configure Tomcat,
• Change the default PORT from 8080 to 9005,
• Installing JFrog Artifactory OSS,
• Start Artifactory, Test Artifactory,
• Installing MySQL 5.7,Start MySQL Server,
• Configuring MySQL,
• Installing SonarQube,
• Create the database and user in MySQL, Install SonarQube,
• Configure SonarQube, Start SonarQube,
• Test the SonarQube Installation,
• Installing Docker,
• Installing Ansible,
• Configuration of Ansible
While Practitioners and academicians have not been able to develop any unique definition for the term DevOps. Computer researchers like Len Bass, Liming Zhu and Ingo Weber from Software Engineering Institute suggested a definition for DevOps as a set of practices that intends to reduce the time between committing a change to a system and the change being placed into normal production, while ensuring the quality is high.
DevOps is a methodology of developing software with information technology operations. The main goal of DevOps is to reduce the development life cycle of the system and also deliver features, updates and fixes that would align with the business objectives. The approach which DevOps uses is to include event monitoring and automation at all the steps of building the software. Since DevOps is intended to have a cross-functional mode of working it is expected to fit into several key aspect of development and delivery process like code, build, test, package, release, configure, monitor.
They are different interpretations of DevOps tool chain like
• create,
• monitor,
• configure,
• release,
• verify,
• package and plan.
Some categories are more important in the toolchain than others.

• We install Amazon Redshift
• We install the Amazon Redshift ODBC driver on computers accessing an Amazon Redshift data warehouse.
Our installation requires that the computer must have one of the following Linux distributions
• 32- and 64-bit editions,
• Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 5.0/6.0/7.0,CentOS 5.0/6.0/7.0,
• Debian 7,SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 11,
• 75 MB of available disk space
One of the following ODBC driver managers
• iODBC Driver Manager 3.52.7
• Or later, unixODBC 2.3.0 or later.
• An Amazon Redshift master user or user account to connect to the database
Amazon Redshift is a data warehouse that is very fast and scalable and makes it easy and cost effective for you to analyze all your data across your data lake and data warehouse. Redshift delivers faster performance than any other data warehouses by using , massively parallel query execution, columnar storage on a high performance disk and machine learning, Amazon Redshift is very easy to use, it enables the user to deploy a data warehouse in a matter of minutes, it automates common administrative task to monitor, manage and scale your data warehouse thereby helping the user to be free from the complexities that arise as a result of managing on-premises data warehouses, with Amazon Redshift, data warehouse can be extended to gain unique insight that can be gotten by querying independent data silos.
Amazon Redshift can run critical mission workload for government, retail, large financial services, healthcare. Its database can be encrypted using HSM or AWS KMS. The user can isolate their clusters using Amazon Virtual Private Cloud. Redshift is compliant to PCI DSS Level 1 requirements, SOC1, SOC2 SOC3, Fed RAMP. Amazon Redshift can boast of powering the largest number of data in warehouse deployment in predictive analyses, real-time and cloud business.

• We offer Amazon Relational Database Services (RDS)
Our fully managed database services include
• relational databases for transactional applications,
• non-relational databases for internet-scale applications,
• a data warehouse for analytics,
• an in-memory data store for caching and real-time workloads,
• a graph database for building applications with highly connected data,
• a time series database for measuring changes over time,
• a ledger database to maintain a complete and verifiable record of transactions.
The AWS Database Migration Service makes it easy and cost effective to do so.
Amazon Relational Database is Services a web service that can be used to set up a relational database in the cloud, operate and scale the database. A user has various options for monitoring RDS instances; a user might choose the Standard RDS integration which requires selecting RDS on the left side of the AWS integration tile. This enables the user to receive metric about his instance as regularly as the user Cloud Watch integration allows. The user also has the option of Enhanced RDS integration which unlike Standard RDS Enhanced RDS requires additional configuration and is only available to specific engines like MySQL, PostgreSQL, Aurora and MariaDB. Enhanced RDS Integration has additional metrics but requires AWS Lambda to submit metrics to Datadog. A user also has the final option of RDS+ Native Database Integration, however it is optional and only available for engines like MySQL, SQL Server PostgreSQL, Aurora and MariaDB, to be able to match the metrics from RDS and the native integration, the user will have to use the tag on the native integration based on the identifier assigned to the RDS instance. The tag is automatically assigned to the RDS instances.
• We configure Exadata cloud service
Our Exadata cloud service configuration is offered on the following system
• Half Rack containing 4 compute nodes and 6 Exadata Storage Servers.
• Quarter Rack containing 2 compute nodes and 3 Exadata Storage Servers.
• Full Rack containing 8 compute nodes and 12 Exadata Storage Servers.
Our configuration equips each system with a fixed amount of memory, storage, and Network resources. However, you can choose the number of computer nodes CPU cores that are enabled. This enables the scale of an Exadata cloud service configuration to meet the requirement of specific workload only pay for the processing power required.
• We configure and support Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is a combination of the utility of public and the elasticity, with security, granular control and predictability of on-premises infrastructure to deliver cost-effective, high availability and high performance infrastructure services.
Oracle cloud infrastructure products are fast and scalable compute resources, enterprise-Grade private virtual cloud networks, it has different storage option for all mission-critical data, its data base are on demand, it posses container infrastructure for deploying resilient elastic systems, it has the ability to connect privately from your network to your cloud, it enables security at scale and cloud resource control, it maintains visibility at scale, controls cloud resources and secure access.
• We offer Cloud Migration Service
Our cloud migration service provides
• complete visibility and cloud auto-scaling to manage cloud cost and also accurate real-time visibility into all distributed applications:
• Unified view of application performance and user experience
• Insight into code dependencies and resource utilization
• Consistent baseline of technical and business metrics
Migration is the entire process of moving an application, data and other business element to a cloud computing environment. An enterprise can perform different kinds of cloud migration, one of the most common model is to transfer application and data from a local on premises data to a public cloud, a cloud migration may also mean moving application and data from a cloud application to another cloud application better known as cloud to cloud migration, another form of migration can be moving a data or application from a cloud to a local data center which is known as uncloud.
• On-Prem Migration to Cloud
Our on- Migration to Cloud methodology focuses on
• low risk,
• High-return business transformation.

Our methodology comprises of four phases:
• Plot,
• Scan,
• Craft and Solve.
These phases determines the
• scope
• execution strategy,
• analysis performed on the portfolio,
• applies filters to identify appropriate deployment for each application,
• Creates a road map with recommended steps for the cloud migration.
We use a proprietary ranking and scoring model to provide objective analysis.
Its services include
• migration planning,
• Cloud architecture and migration execution.
• It specializes in SAP migrations to public clouds, particularly AWS and Azure, where it focuses on cost savings that can be achieved in the cloud
Migration from on-prem to cloud has huge benefits. The benefits of migrating to cloud are very clear as this has been shown by the industry. Some of the benefit of migrating from on-prem to cloud is
• cost efficient, cost doesn’t just consist of owning or licensing data center equipment, but the cost of third party service, management and maintenance, policy and training, although these cost are indirect but it make up a very significant amount of the expenses of running an on-premise data centers, to maintain on-prem computing infrastructure you would require physical security, electricity, air conditioner, operating system, network, space ,construction, hardware procurement, networking and more, shifting to a cloud service provider would save you from all these expenses.
The management of an on-prem environment requires experience and deep technical expertise, with the trend shifting to cloud, the cost of find and recruiting an engineering talent would be enormous which would exceed even the cost of the actual computing, but with cloud computing, it becomes the entire business of the cloud service provider to run and manage the cloud data center.
Cloud service infrastructure unlike on-prem affords you the flexibility and the best equipment the industry has to offer the most, optimized RAM memory, the newest Intel processors etc that comes with a wide eco-system of warehouse and managed databases, queuing systems, caching, orchestration platforms and almost anything needed for software architecture. The Impact of migrating to cloud from on-prem is immediate especially in a competitive market.
One of the major concern of on-premise data infrastructure is security, it is difficult to be secure and in control than housing your own data center within your perimeter, as such security on on-premise can only be reliable to the level of security policies that are established and enforced, however cloud providers are fully aware that customer entrust the security of their data to them , so it becomes sacrosanct on them to meet the highest security standard that is obtainable and set by government institutions, health and final institution.
• We provide Zero Downtime Migration for Oracle databases
Our Zero Downtime migration provides
• true performance,
• scalability
• Availability and high reliability.
Zero Downtime best describes a site that its service can’t be interrupted, to achieve Zero Downtime, all infrastructure must be active, redundancy becomes a critical requirement.
Zero Downtime Migration Is an application that allows the user from rewriting the entire table while using PostgreSQL as a database and applying Django migrations, with Zero downtime migration you can add a field with a default value whether it is nullabe or not, you can also create an index concurrently.
• We provide server hardware and network components from different vendors
The hardware component consist of
• the servers,
• transmission medium,
• Peer and connecting devices.
The network component comprises of
• the physical part of the network,
• the software used for network installation whether at home or an organization
Hardware component
• Servers -They are highly configured computer that manage the resources of the network, the operating system of the network is usually installed in the server to enable users gain access to network resources. They are different types of servers: database servers, file servers, print servers etc.
• Clients- They are computers that can request and receive service from servers and make use of the resources on the network.
• Peers are simply computers that provide service and also receive services from other peers in a working group network.
Connecting devices are middleware’s between computers or network, by combining the network media together such as
• bridges,
• routers,
• switches,
• gateways,
• hubs,
• repeaters
Transmission media are channels used in transferring data from device to device in a network such as
• fiber optic cables,
• coaxial cable,
• microwaves,
• infra-red waves

• Software Component
Protocol Suite is a set protocol that is related in nature that is laid down for computer network. It is a guide followed by each computer for data communication such as OSI Model and TCP/IP Model.
• Networking Operating System
Is usually installed in the server, it facilitates workstation in a network to share database, files, printers, application etc
• Staffing
Ndedge Informatics Private Limited ensures that the company structure is maintained through proper and effective selection, appraisal and development of personnel to fill position assigned to the workforce. We have a transparent and proper recruitment procedure that ensures that the most suitable person for the job requirement is selected.
Our staffing process involves the following steps
• profiling the job position,
• selecting employees,
• establish standards of performance,
• Evaluating performance and training and development.

• We give Corporate Training on RedHat
Ndedge Informatics Private Limited comprehensive training is centered on real practical job roles and task.
Our Red Hat training
• improves IT operation,
• Supports new technology and business requirement with efficient improvement in the management of infrastructure. Our RedHat training is important for skill adoption and replacement, for help desk efficiency and trouble shooting, for IT support of business requirement.
• ensures that organization and individuals develop the skill set needed to innovate an implement using RedHat technologies,
• Gives business value that spans IT environment, IT operation and support new technologies and business requirement.

• We give Corporate Training on Oracle
We are an oracle registered training and certified partner with experienced professionals, our team offers oracle training in a more practical way, we offer oracle on line training, oracle training services as well as oracle classroom training. We have designed our syllabus in a manner that is consistent with the real world requirement for all level, beginner, intermediate and advanced level, our training is schedules accord to the requirement of the participant either weekdays or weekends.
Ethical EDGE
• Environment Friendly Attributes
Ndedge Informatics Private Limited is committed to using environment friendly products and delivering our services in a manner that it has a negative effect on human and the environment, we have incorporated the practice that makes us a genuine and environmental friendly.
• We use sustainable power sources when the need arises.
• We source locally when we can.
• We ensure the well being of our employees and customers.
Company Ethical rules
Ndedge Informatics Private Limited will conduct its business fairly, impartially, in an ethical and proper manner, and in full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

• Our Code of Ethics
Ndedge Informatics Private Limited Code of Conduct outlines expected behaviors for all Ndedge Informatics Private Limited Employees. Ndedge Informatics Private Limited will conduct its business fairly, impartially, in an ethical and proper manner, and in full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. In conducting its business, integrity must underline all company relationships, including those with customers, suppliers, communities and among employees. The highest standards of ethical business conduct are required of Ndedge Informatics Private Limited employees in the performance of their company responsibilities. Employees will not engage in conduct or activity that may raise questions as to the company’s honesty, impartiality, or reputation or otherwise cause embarrassment to the company.
Employees will ensure that:
• They do not engage in any activity that might create a conflict of interest for the company or for themselves individually.
• They do not take advantage of their Ndedge Informatics Private Limited position to seek personal gain through the inappropriate use of Ndedge Informatics Private Limited or non-public information or abuse of their position. This includes not engaging in insider trading.
• They will follow all restrictions on use and disclosure of information. This includes following all requirements for protecting Ndedge Informatics Private Limited information and ensuring that non-NDEDGE INFORMATICS PRIVATE LIMITED Proprietary information is used and disclosed only as authorized by the owner of the information or as otherwise permitted by law.
• They observe that fair dealing is the foundation for all of our transactions and interactions.
• They will protect all company, customer, and supplier assets and use them only for appropriate company-approved activities.
• Without exception, they will comply with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations.
• They will promptly report any illegal or unethical conduct to management or other appropriate authorities (i.e., Ethics, Law, Security, and EEO).
• Every employee has the responsibility to ask questions, seek guidance, and report suspected violations of this Code of Conduct. Retaliation against employees who come forward to raise genuine concerns will be encouraged
Kick Start Your Career
• We are always on the continue search for candidate with strong interest that has the relevant experience and can demonstrate their willingness to learn and continuously develop their skills.
As an IT expert, it is necessary to have a broad knowledge of how the IT environment works, from the administration and configuring of networks to systems, coding and database management.
Ideally you will have the experience of working in IT and gain on the job experience, but if you have the passion and less experience you may benefit from self education, registering for a diploma program or certificate course, finding a mentor that works in IT.

Managed Process
Ndedge Informatics Private Limited has set a manage process by which we operate,
• Our first process is to design since most processes include a form to collect data and a workflow to process it. Build your form and identify who will own each task in the workflow.

• Model
• Represent the process in a visual layout. We fix details like deadlines and conditions to give a clear idea of the sequence of events, and the flow of data through the process.
• Execute
Execute the process by testing it live with a small group first and then open it up to all users. We restrict access to sensitive information.
• Monitor
We keep an eye on the process as it runs through the workflow. We use the right metrics to identify progress, measure efficiency, and locate bottlenecks.
• Optimize
As we analyze and we notice any changes that need to be done to our form or workflow to make them more efficient, we also consider business process improvement steps.
• 24/7 Support
We offer 24/7 Support service 24 hours a day and 7 days a week offering our services. Our technical service is available around the clock. To ensure we provide seamless support, we have well coordinated shifts.

Human Resources
• Diversity among employees: Ex – army man to former school teacher in the workforce.
• For recruitment we expect the person has to be comfortable with technology and be optimistic about the future. The company’s recruitment process ensures that it gets the people edge it needs. There is a battery of wiring tests, interviews are rigorous, not in the sense of being a stress interview, but interviewers try and go deep into what makes the candidate tick. Then the detailed feedback on the candidate is given to an independent team in charge of hiring. The company’s credo is to hire someone who is better than you.
• Employee referrals by employees which comprises 50% of all hiring at Ndedge Informatics Private Limited
• “Bar Raisers
The HR department has organized an elite group of employees – who have veto power in an recruitment decision, if a Bar member feels a potential recruit does not match up to the company’s standards.
• Short stories
The Company compiled 52 short stories, one for each week, the company used to introduce new recruits. The stories talk about its history and evolution, technology and people who made a difference.
The company goes beyond its employees and connects with their support group: the family, when an employee joins, his parents or spouse get a welcome letter.
• SME’s(Subject Matter Experts):
HR team identifies the internal subject matter experts to give training to the employees
Sending employees for higher studies
• When employees join the company, they have to interact with functionaries in other regions who assume that the new person in knows the internal systems. Often the new employee is unfamiliar with the systems. The welcome gateway lists certain universal systems of the company and helps them get familiar with such things. A stand – out feature is that if this checklist remains incomplete it sends an automatic notice to the manager responsible for the employee.
• Company follows a training policy to have seven days of training every year is mandatory for all employees, even this chairman and the directors.
• MAD (Mutual Admiration):
Is an event where every employee is given green cardboard leaves on which they scribble messages of appreciation and pin them onto the MAD tree in the cafeteria. The leaves are a way of reaching out to colleagues and teams who have mattered. And at the end of the week, the foliage gets thick. Surely, the employees like being around each other.
• Smart Work and Smart Reward:
It directed towards improving employees productivity. It rewards those who complete tasks in fewer working hours than stipulated.” The reward process is well defined and transparent. It has helped in ensuring better work – life balance.
• Promotion within

• Career Success Centre:
An online portal and a one – stop shop for all career related resources. The portal helps employees plan and develop their careers according to business needs.
• Paternity leave
• Extra three months maternity leave at half the salary leave
• No attendance monitoring
• unlimited sick leave
• . equal privileges for employees across levels: employees at all levels travel in the same class, stay in similar hotels, work out of standard cubicles, log in their own leave.
• 360 degree feedback system
• “Performance Task Force”: A cross functional team constitutes 20 members and this force keeps track of what needs to be plugged, and what seems to be working. It goes back to HR every six months to deliver feedback.
• Food for thought:
Inviting employees in groups to chat with Managing director over lunch in an informal environment on various issues and topics.
• Succession planning
• Employee empowerment
• Reach out:
An initiative to keep a direct link of communication to its employees, the president of the company meets the employees.
• Flexi and Part – time
• The companies allow the employees to shift jobs if they wish to, across its different functions.
• Skits: The companies are asking the employees to devise skits to dramatize its values, design screen savers and even create mascots themed on the values, they would much rather hunker down and design some more.
• The company created new position called “Employee Engagement Manager”: the major task of the manager is to energize the workplace with fun – filled events and effective communication.
• “People Champions”: Every project team has one facilitator from the HR department. The people champion takes care of any administrative need a project might have, leaving the project members free to concentrate on their work.
• Orientation along with parents: The Company invites the parents of new recruits for orientation; it’s good for the parents to know the kind of organization their children work for, this insight came from campus recruitment, where parents would stay with their children right till results were announced.
• “People Movement Management Review Committee”: it ensures talented employees were retained by reassigning them to other groups. The company also hired consultants to assist those who were asked to leave to find jobs in other organizations.

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