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About Us

WhatsurSkill is an online platform where people can show their Acting / Dancing / Drawing / Photography / Singing / Handcraft / Intelligence and many other skills by uploading their Videos / Sketches / Click Pictures / Audios, which best portrays their talent and we provide them opportunity to get recognition and fame. In India, where there are more than a billion population and every single person have some or the other talent in them, there is only a handful options available where people can show their talent to the world and get the desired recognition for their skills. Considering the above mentioned limitations and understanding the scope of reaching to millions of people by providing them an opportunity to showcase their talent to the world and in the meantime to get awarded for their talent, we have came up with this platform where anyone can showcase their talent in their field such as Drawing, Quiz, Photography, Dancing, singing, music, acting etc. The foremost vision of Whatsurskill is to provide an unique opportunity to connect with the Young India’s Talented Rising Stars for an important cause: INDIA”S BRIGHT FUTURE !!! REQUIREMENT OF ONLINE TALENT RECOGNITION WEBSITE Busy Schedules, on the go lifestyle, limited time has changed the way people think and live in recent years. In this life of urgency one has to choose priorities at every step before making a decision to invest time and money in an activity. Taking out time for auditioning at concerts, following your passion, showcasing your talent at reality shows is not so easy and doable thing for a common man. Whatsurskill, is an online platform which let you live your dream along with your hectic life schedule at zero cost. We brings contests across multiple categories where users can participate online sitting at home as per their convenient time. Just participate in the online contest and share among your network (Facebook, Twitter, etc. ). Only the winners of the Online Round need to come and participate in the Live Rounds. Whatsurskill provides this opportunity to our Indian artist and performers to reach out to the Globe and show their skill and get the reward and recognition they deserve. INNOVATIVE WAYS OF PROMOTING TALENT IN CORPORATES/ INSTITUTES Now-a-days all corporates and institutes are promoting talent within their employees/ students and we provide the opportunity to them at a cost which is 10times less than the cost they incur if they organise it independently. Corporates/ Institutes always gives a thumbs up for this kind of platform where their employees/ students get an opportunity to get a world wide recognition and also there is no time bound to perform and the participation will also increase by 5times as compared to Live performance within the campus. Further, the best part is that competitions can be organised on specific talent if any corporate is focused on any specific field. Even there are opportunities to meet and hire fresh and new talented people from anywhere in our country by our Freelancing/ hiring services on the website. In nutshell, this platform is a very unique platform and has an opportunity to reach to the billions of people across the globe. It’s a new way to promote talent and very time and cost effective way too. MISSION AND VISION Our only mission through this platform is to reach as many people as possible and help them in identifying their skills. There are no charges for the participants to participate in the competition so that we can reach to maximum number of participants and get the best talent recognised across the Nation. In such a mission to ensure that all the participants are real and possess such skill, we review all the entries uploaded on our website. Any participant found to have done plagiarism will be immediately disqualified from the competition.

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