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PHP Kolkata offers the best CakePHP Training Kolkata. We have a comprehensive CakePHP training course which covers everything from the most basic to the most advanced concepts in great detail. The faculty at our PHP Training Institute is the most experienced and knowledgeable in the field. They are always up to date with the latest in the industry and would offer you with the best guidance in regard to CakePHP training. There is no doubt that for having a successful career in Web Development the knowledge of CakePHP framework is essential. With the right knowledge you could indeed have a high flying web development career. It is not without reason that CakePHP framework has gained much popularity in web development in recent times. Much of it is on account of the various benefits it offers.

What is CakePHP framework? Why get trained in it?

In simple terms CakePHP is basically an open-source web framework. It follows the model–view–controller (MVC) approach. It is written in PHP. In case you are already in the field of web development you would know that for any web developer planning to create web applications, CakePHP is a great framework. As already mentioned it is basically an open source, a rapid development framework for PHP. With it, you could create web applications with great flexibility. Besides owing to the variety that CakePHP farework offers you can takes out the monotony of creating web pages. Apart from this since it is an open source MVC PHP framework it enhances making websites that more easy and hassle free.

Why PHP Kolkata is the best CakePHP training institute in Kolkata?

Without a doubt PHP Kolkata is the best CakePHP training institute in Kolkata. The best part about availing CakePHP training in Kolkata from PHP Kolkata is that we provide CakePHP framework training which is customized to suit your need as well as skills and knowledge levels. Thus whether you are new to web development or very experienced in the field you find our training most useful.

The course content we have for CakePHP training course is fully complete in all respects and we begin with the basics and thereafter cover the most advanced concepts in great detail. Apart from this much like all our other web related courses we offer for CakePHP training also we have an expert faculty team. They are very well versed with the industry and always up to date with the latest in the field. This is what will ensure that you can grasp all the course content easily. Our CakePHP training is fully job oriented and we provide 100 % support for job placements to all our students. We are directly ties up with all the leading web development companies in Kolkata and at the same time we offer providejob interview preparation for our students. It is because of this that we at PHP Kolkata have an impeccable job placement record for our training institute. We also provide our students with the opportunity to work on live projects so that they have a complete knowledge about CakePHP framework.

Why our CakePHP training course stands out?
  • Much like all our other courses we have a complete CakePHp training course content
  • We have the best faculty for CakePHP training, who are vastly experienced and knowledgeable in the field. They are always upto date with the latest changes in the industry
  • At our CakePHP training Institute we have the state of the art facilities.
  • We provide the students to work on Live Projects so that they gain complete knowledge
  • Our CakePHP training Course is fully job oriented and complete supportfor job placements is provided to students
  • You could avail both class room as well as online training so our training program is very flexible in nature.
  • Much like all our other training courses our CakePHP Cake training Course is very affordable.

So in case you are looking for the right CakePHP training in Kolkata get it from PHP Kolkata the leading CakePHP training Institute in Kolkata. To know more please Contact Us!!

Cakephp Syllabus

  • Beginning With CakePHP
  • Understanding Model-View-Controller
  • CakePHP Structure
  • A Typical CakePHP Request
  • CakePHP Folder Structure
  • CakePHP Conventions
  • Developing with CakePHP
  • Requirements
  • Installation Preparation
  • Installation
  • Configuration
  • Controllers
  • Components
  • Models
  • Behaviors
  • Data Sources
  • Views
  • Helpers
  • Scaffolding
  • The CakePHP Console
  • Plugins
  • Global Constants and Functions
  • Vendor packages
  • Common Tasks With CakePHP
  • Data Validation
  • Data Sources
  • Data Sanitization
  • Error Handling
  • Debugging
  • Caching
  • Logging
  • Testing
  • Internationalization & Localization
  • Pagination
  • REST
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Student Feedback
  • Manoranjan Sarkar
    Manoranjan Sarkar

    Phone: 9733282503

    PHP kolkata is a good institute, I have learn php program from here and got a job.

  • Saurav Gupta
    Saurav Gupta

    Phone: 8210291684

    First of all thank you so much sir and mam I m very glad to say that with the help of you I got a job in company the name is Portalware India, Kolkata The way of teaching of Asif Sir is awesome and also Asif sir motivate us.. In the how to focus on your career... I am inspired from him lots it's not doubt... Lastly, I want to say that behind every successful person womens hand but in my life Asif Sir is one of them.

  • Soham Maiti
    Soham Maiti

    Phone: 7797462244/9732

    Phpkolkata is one of the best training institute for learning php as well as good support for getting a job.

  • Ankur Bardhan
    Ankur Bardhan

    Phone: 9073832318 / 95

    I got a good environment in php Kolkata . in this institute my coding skill was improved too much . under the guidance of Asif sir I learnt a lots of thing.So, I recommend the newcomers to join php Kolkata without any hesitation.

  • Irfan Azam
    Irfan Azam

    Phone: 7044608226 / 76

    I was searching best training institute of php before join in php kolkata, after that i determined is that i am supposed to attend in php kolkata that time, php kolkata training institute better than other institute and today i can write any code owing to Asif Sir there is guided and given good enviornment by Asif Sir........

  • Arijit Chakraborty
    Arijit Chakraborty

    Phone: 8768718480

    Php kolkata is the best institute in kolkata. I got job from here. All official stuffs r very helpful and classes r fully job oriented.

  • Subhodip De
    Subhodip De

    Phone: 9093710600

    I am very much satisfy with PHP Kolkata, they teach very well and very practically, specially Asif sir, he is the best Trainer I have ever seen. Thanks Asif Sir

  • Nilanjan Kamila
    Nilanjan Kamila

    Phone: 9733411044

    PHP Kolkata is the best training institute in kolkata to learn PHP. Thanks to every faculty members for the guidance and special thanks to Asif sir. Thanks PHP Kolkata.

  • Souvik De
    Souvik De

    Phone: 9775483913

    I, Souvik De get a best guide on php from phpkolkata. If anyone want to learn php , my suggestion is he/she should join phpkolkata.And specially Thanks & Respect to Asif Sir, his teaching quality is too good.I have shortlisted by Techwelfare. Thank you sir.

  • Nikhilesh Kumar
    Nikhilesh Kumar

    Phone: 8013504932

    Phpkolkata is one of the best institute to learn php. The teaching method of phpkolkata is excellent. Special thanks to Asif sir who teaches all the things with a good practical approach

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