Why We Love PHP (And You Should, Too!)

  • 26th October 2016
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There are times and again where PHP has proved to be every developer’s favorite programming language. The most attractive feature that has made PHP everyone’s favorite is the syntax errors that are used while handling the codes. Moreover the most important advantage of PHP is that it is very user-friendly which can be learned very easily without much help from others. In the field of Web Development, though there are several other programming language which has its own set of advantages, however here our target is to highlight the advantages of PHP.

why we love php

Why We Love PHP?

PHP is highly compatible with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. And that is very helpful for someone to learn at the initial stage. PHP is highly portable and it can be easily transferred to its other application such as WAMP, EasyPHP, etc. The recent features of PHP also makes it enable to use several built-in functionalities which helps to provide solution to certain complexities related to files, database, images, etc. Moreover with the help of PHP, majority of the web problems are easily solved.

The most attractive feature of PHP for the developers is the availability of several frameworks that varies micro-frameworks to full-fledged ones and that makes the developers to work faster in PHP. Therefore there might be other reasons to love and work with PHP and the developers need to keep themselves updated with the latest trends in the market.

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