Why PHP is so popular?

  • 1st September 2016
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PHP can be defined as an object oriented and server side programming language that provides the programmer the facility to create dynamic web pages. PHP almost operate as a open source CMS and it is by using the effective knowledge’s of PHP that various languages can be manoeuvre like Joomla, Word press, Drupal, along with Magento and Os Commerce. There are several reasons for which PHP is popular among the programmers for which the value of the language enhances by the course of it.

Reasons of PHP Popularity

  • PHP is a server side script rather than a client side one for which the processing takes are done on the Web host server reducing the machine works. This signifies that the host can operate from any machine by using the username and the password only.


  • PHP is an open source which provides the freedom to the user to access their account at any point of time and make edits as per their needs which will contribute in the development in future. There are multiple number of plugs that are available for the programs that increase the opportunities of the programmer.


  • PHP is popular among the people as there are no licensing fees that are required for the installations of the program. Cost of running the server is very minimal as the program can run in any OS like Linux or UNIX etc. the popularity of the product enhance as it is platform independent as it even runs on the Windows server. The software is preinstalled by the Web hosting companies on all their servers and it is by completing little installation activities from the programs runs in the smoothly.


  • In the recent days the Operating system of Linux is considered as the most secured one rather than the Windows. It is due to this reason that maximum harmful network viruses are seen in the aspects of Windows and the hacker target this particular brand to hack the accounts of the people. Like this PHP is the most secured programming language other than Java as it is designed from the grounded up hosting in mind and designed by multiple persons.


  • Apart from all this factors PHP is popular among the users as it shows the source codes properly and provide online tutorials to the people. It helps the programmer to start with desired programs and tweaks it to meet their specific needs.


  • PHP can design any type of websites as per the needs of the clients and mange it properly during the time of immense traffic. All major data bases are supported by this particular language such as MySQL, dBase, IBM DB2, InterBase, FrontBase, ODBC, SQLite etc. the syntax that are portrayed by the language is easy for the programmer to understand. The codes of PFP are embedded in the HTML code and it is based on C or C++ language. Thus it can be said that the popularity of PHP is due to its familiarity with the programmers and its security for the users.