What is wordpress?

  • 1st September 2016
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WordPress is the most chosen framework of PHP for all the web developers as well as the clients. Its simpler coding structure and user friendly features enable the user to use WordPress to develop their web based application.

WordPress is generally used to develop beautiful websites which enables a strong content management platform and an efficient blog application. For developing a Blog application, WordPress framework is the most chosen format. There is also other advantage of WordPress which has kept it on the leading position as compared to other PHP frameworks. From a Lehman point of view, WordPress is very easy to use to make any kind of edits for the web based application.

With a proper developed WordPress admin panel, the user who is not at all tech savvy can also make changes. People can change the theme of their applications, increase the no of pages, include innumerable images and also activate several applications by enabling the plug-in available. Content changes also are very easy. Gone are those days when somebody has to do any changes need to download Dreamweaver software to do the changes. Moreover there are also several technical improvements for word press frameworks.

SEO services can be done very efficiently in a WordPress build website by activating the Yourst Plug-in. For ecommerce based application also WordPress has also become the chosen mode of framework by introducing woo-commerce feature. So if someone doesn’t want to use Magento can easily use WordPress do develop the e-commerce projects. Another most striking advantage of WordPress based applications are that they are quite reasonable as compared to other PHP framework.

There are several websites available where one can get numerous WordPress themes based on the type of application with variety of designs and can develop their websites easily by implementing these WordPress themes. The world today is totally operated through mobile devices and tablets. So if a web based application is not Responsive then it absolutely doesn’t have any value. For WordPress based projects the developers won’t have to separately do the Responsive coding as this feature is already enabled within the themes.

Most of the WordPress themes are enabled with Bootstrap and Responsive 5 technology which gives a very efficient responsive structure. Event application, news application, testimonial application, photo and video gallery applications can be very easily developed using the WordPress technology. However the most promising feature of WordPress technology is that they are extremely secure to use and the risk of hacking of WordPress based application are absolutely negligible.

With the wordpress technology, web based applications can be done with huge number of customisation to provide the best services in the market and this is the reason why in the IT world WordPress based web applications are mostly preferred by everyone. Even ERP applications are also performed very efficiently using WordPress technology. Hence it can be referred that WordPress has become the leading PHP framework in today’s world with this huge variety of features and robust application.


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