Unconventional Knowledge about PHP Programmer That You Can’t Learn From Books

  • 6th February 2018
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Do you dream of becoming a star web developer? If so then PHP knowledge is a key. Owing to the many advantages that PHP development has to offer, knowledge and skills of PHP web development is the key to your success. It is the reason why so many web development companies are working on PHP development and always seek to employ the top PHP developers to grow their business. However in order to shine in your PHP development career mere bookish knowledge may not always help you. PHP Kolkata in a leading PHP training institute in Kolkata and have successfully trained top PHP professionals over the years. Here we believe you have to think out of the box and develop ways and means to enhance your skills as a PHP developer.

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So you need to obtain unconventional knowledge about PHP development too. Let us see some of the important aspects about developing unconventional knowledge about PHP programming which you would not be able to develop by reading books.

Mentors make all the difference

It is indeed true that the internet is booming. So be it anything under the sun there is nothing you can not know or learn about. Thanks to mega search engines like Google which can find almost anything you want to know or learn about. However as a PHP professional if you need to take your knowledge and skills to the next level then you need the right mentor in the field who can guide you through the entire process. It is the mentor who can understand what exactly need to know and thereby can guide you to the resources which would be needed to grow your knowledge and skills. It is likely that you would find such mentors at the PHP training institutes to enhance your skills.

Live Projects can make all the difference

No matter of how well versed you are with bookish knowledge, but your true skills in PHP development would be put to test only when you handle live projects. This is what a book would not be able to teach you. To be a top class PHP developer you should be fully be acquainted with the practical applications of PHP development. Thus you need to gather such experience by working on live projects which will help you to figure out what are the various practical implications of PHP development. This is what we can provide you with at PHP Kolkata. This is the opportunity to work on live PHP projects to enable you to have a complete understanding of both the theoretical aspects of PHP development.

It is practical experience that will make you employable

It is seen that most web development companies which employ PHP developers need PHP Programmers who have practical experience in the field. This is again you cannot have by reading books and thus it is practical experience which will make you more employable.

Imposter Syndrome could be a problem

Are you aware of the Imposter Syndrome? If you consider that you are not as smart as your co workers consider, then you might get too busy internalizing your own mistakes. Thus in case you have just bookish knowledge this is something one could develop. In case you develop your knowledge just by reading books and not coming from a formal PHP training development background then it is possible that you may not be familiar with the terms which are generally used in the PHP development work front. This is what a formal PHP training from a renowned PHP training institute can provide you with.

In conclusion we can say that with the popularity of YouTube and Do It Yourself (DIY) mediums to train people about doing things yourself you might embark to do with the same in terms of getting yourself educated in PHP development.  However you must realize that this or merely reading books in no way can take the place of  formal PHP training where in you would directly learn from an expert in PHP development.

At PHP Kolkata you could have the best PHP training in Kolkata which you can avail both through class room training as well through online modules. The best part about our training is that not only do we provide our students with the opportunity of working on live projects but also provide them with job support too.

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