Top Web Application Development Trends in The Current Scenario 2018

  • 13th April 2018
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With the internet booming the competition on the World Wide Web is killing like never before. In case you are to survive this killing completion your web applications must be at the cutting edge. Bing in the field of Web development and Web Development training since long, we at PHP Kolkata through this blog would try to make you aware about the latest web application development trends:

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Latest evolving web development trends:

  1. Things happen at an unprecedented speed:

With the wide use of internet, which has spread even to the semi urban and rural areas, the current users are always looking for speed. So whether you have a website or any web application, you must be able to deliver speed to meet the needs of the modern day internet user and provide instantly available solutions. If your business fails to deliver these at an undisputable speed, the bounce rate is bound to become high. So in the modern web age you need to provide web solutions that offer lightening speed.

  1. Growth in third-party solutions:

We live in times when the IT industry is going through some major changes. So many of the large corporations worldwide are now outsourcing their in-house jobs to third parties. This is helping them to cut down on their costs. In some ways this offers great scope for some small companies to take advantage of the outsourced job opportunities

.3. Shortage of skills:

It is being noted that that most of the existing application developers have been working and developing similar  kinds of applications since long .This makes them used to the trends on which they have been working until recently. However the world of web applications is very dynamic. This is why one must always be up to date with the latest trends in the world of web applications. Thus as a web developer you need to keep yourself up to date with the latest development in the web development field. Thus you need to have the right kind of web development training which can equip you with the latest knowledge and skills for the ever changing world of web development in the current web scenario.

  1. The relation between the speed of applications and HTTP/2:

As a web developer you might already know that, the pages that have a higher loading speed in comparison to the ones which have  lower or average loading speed would for sure do better than all others. The reason is that the users of today are  people who want to use only those apps which  are faster and thus suffice their needs.The speed of the application: the time it takes to load, to respond, to interact all put together determine the user experience which is the key in today’s web world. This is what you need you need to focus on all the time while developing new web applications.

  1. Applications are vulnerable to security risks

The web world of today is often falling prey to modern day hackers. They are most advanced and skilled. This is what a rising concern for all is. Along with the many web applications , the current day mobile apps too are vulnerable to security breaches. Thus the web applications of the current times must focus on everything including security aspects as well. As a web developer you need to equip yourself with the right skills and knowledge in this field too.

  1. It should evolve every day:

As a web application developer you must realize that you might have developed a web app that might have been appreciated by your clients. However this itself might be a threat for your competitors. This means that what you have developed would be in competition with your competitors and they too would develop web applications to match yours.  However for the web development this competition is great because this is what helps to bring out the best in the web application developers and along with it the best web applications as well. This is why we too at PHP Kolkata always strive to provide the best and try to bring out the best from our students as well. SO in case you are planning to build a strong career in web development, then PHP Kolkata is the right training institute for you. To know more about our web development courses please visit our website or contact us!