Is it still worth learning PHP development in the current web scenario ?

  • 16th August 2021
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Is it still worth learning PHP development in the current web scenario?

Are you a young aspiring Web developer and wondering whether to learn PHP development in the current web scenario? If so, your concern is very valid. It is more so considering the availability of the many web development languages that have come up in recent times. If you check, you would see that PHP has had a long history. Even though it has been there for quite some time now, it continues to be popular even today. Let us, first of all, explore how it all started:

PHP development- the phenomenal ride it has had

PHP is the successor to PHP/FI, created in 1994 by Rasmus Lerdorf. In 1995 he released it as an open-source technology and encouraged users to improve on his initial creation. It led to a rise of popularity for the language, quickly spiking at 10% up until 1998 where 1M websites were running this new scripting engine due to its robust nature, which continues today with over 20 million active sites using PHP worldwide!

The general opinion now about PHP Development

But if you check on the web, you would find some people might have negative opinions about the future of PHP development. Many continue to learn this open-source web development language in the current times, but some also feel that it is a dying language. But many more people love it and say that it continues to be just as popular as it was in the past.

WordPress helped it keep up its popularity.

WordPress has helped make PHP popular on the web, but when block-based editing options became available, many thought PHP was dying. However, with significant updates like WordPress 5’s Gutenberg editor and a simplified content creation process for novice users through tools such as Jetpack or TinyMCE Advanced Blocks plugin, this may not be true anymore! The rise of Node and Python seemed to confirm these beliefs as they overshadowed it in popularity.

WordPress has helped make PHP a widely used language online thanks to its high level of user adoption.

The biggest Websites still use PHP

PHP is still one of the most popular languages used on computers, and over 70% of sites rely on PHP to run., Microsoft’s website, are all running with servers powered by the PHP programming language. It is true that some recent controversy around how often these websites experience downtime because they use this less popular server-side coding system that is harder for programmers than others like JavaScript or Python, which have more robust support from IT companies such as Google who offer cheaper back-end hosting options for those looking to test out new projects online without worrying about uptime. But despite all of it, PHP is still very popular.

The benefits outweigh the drawbacks.

PHP is an open-source programming language that has been improving a lot in recent years. It’s now faster than ever since the introduction of PHP 7.0, with many other advantages such as being free and supporting all browsers or working well with JavaScript (which can create functional websites). This paired nicely alongside frameworks like Laravel, Symfony, and Code Igniter to make web development easier for programmers who use them!

To conclude, despite the recent challenges and competition from other web development languages, PHP development is still trendy and worth learning if you want to develop a solid web development career. Thus, it is worth enrolling for the leading PHP training online.