The Scope of Android Development jobs in Kolkata

  • 22nd October 2018
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Are you fresh out of college and looking to build your career? If so it is important that you build your career in the right field. Yu need to find out the sectors which are likely to grow in the future by providing you with the best job opportunities. When it comes to career development, the one field which has seen tremendous growth in the recent times is the mobile industry. Studies reveal that out of the total of the 6 billion mobile phones used worldwide, in India the number is more than 1 billion, with over a 6 million joining the group every month. Given the trends, this for sure is the sector for the future and you need to be equipped rightly to take advantage of this great boom.

Out of the total smartphones which are used a majority of them run on the Android platform, which means that this Android development is what can provide with a great career ahead. Let us now see the job scope for Android development in Kolkata.

What you can expect?

Going by recent trends it is being seen that a majority of young career aspirants are moving out of Kolkata. There is no denying the fact that many feel that the job scope in Kolkata is very limited. However, out of the many sectors where you could start working in Kolkata, the mobile development market is one field where you still have a significant scope. With more and more companies looking for young and expert Android Developers in Kolkata, you can be sure that with the right knowledge in the field you stand to gain. If you are on the lookout for Android Development Jobs in Kolkata, then you would find that there are many jobs right here.

If you are wondering about the Pay Scale of Android Development Jobs in India you would find on an average, it is about Rs 3.00 Lacs per Annum. This is by far one of the highest by any standards.

So to conclude we can say that if you are to take advantage of the great scope which lies in the Android development industry, it is important that you get enrolled for the right Android Training Institute Kolkata. It is only the right Android Training Institute in Kolkata, which can help you get placed for the best Android development jobs in Kolkata with the best salaries.