Relationship between PHP and HTML: the expert opinion

  • 28th December 2016
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PHP development as a web development language globally in recent years has been in great demand. The fact that it has been very popular worldwide is evident from the fact that along with a huge number of companies, mega social media website “Facebook” was developed with PHP.

Along with the rest of the world even in Kolkata there are numerous PHP development companies which have come up. They are always on the lookout for PHP developers. You may have just entered the field of web development. If that is the case we are sure that you would be aware of HTML.

Keeping in view the great scope that a PHP career has to offer, we thought it would be a good idea to tell you about the relation between HTML and PHP. In this blog we will exactly do that.

HTML a basic understanding

HTML or Hypertext Markup Language is one of the not only oldest method but also the most widely used one. It is very simple. You can create simple web page with a few images within a short time with images with the help of a coder.

html php

PHP as against HTML

You can also do the same with PHP as output gets processed by HTML. If you insert the same HTML code you would also get the same result. This is mainly because of the fact that the end product of PHP Code and what gets sent to the browser is in HTML.

Thus the browser would get the same HTML code if you set it as the output of your PHP script. However in case you are to take the full advantage of the capabilities of the advanced PHP features, you are required to spend much more time.

The advanced features of PHP

If you are to use the additional and more advanced features of PHP, it needs to be implemented by the means of a proper structure in coding. In HTML anything you put would give you an output. However in case of PHP you would not get an output if something went wrong in between with your codes.

Learning advanced PHP is slightly more difficult than learning HTML. Thus you would need more time to learn PHP than it would take to learn HTML. In case you want to learn PHP; you would also have to learn HTML too.

To summarize we can say the following:
  • PHP is a scripting language where as HTML is a markup language
  • The output of PHP is usually in HTML code which the browser can then interpret
  • HTML codes are used to create static websites where as PHP is used to create dynamic websites.
  • HTML is comparatively easier to learn in comparison to PHP. You would however need to know HTML to learn PHP.

In conclusion we hope that the points mentioned above will help you to understand the relationship between HTML and PHP. To know more in detail about PHP, please visit our website.