PHP Kolkata opens new frontiers for Durgapur PHP training in the New Year

  • 3rd January 2019
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Are you fresh out of college in Durgapur? If you are on the lookout for great career opportunities then you need to note that PHP development is what can provide you with the perfect career launching pad. It is New Year time and new resolutions would be taken. This is the perfect time for you on embarking on new career options. The good news is that PHP Kolkata now brings for you the best PHP training in Durgapur through which you can achieve all your career goals and success. The year 2018 has been a tough year for the software industry. With the global upheavals the industry has been through difficult times owing to the many uncertainties. It is therefore important for you to take all your career decisions carefully.

 So even before you decide to take up PHP development for your career progress let us explore whether it is still relevant in the web development field.  

Is PHP development still relevant in this current web development era?

It is true that web development for certain offers a lot of career scope owing to the tremendous boom the online space is going through. Yet at the same time you must note that is also a field which is very dynamic. Thus what you learn must be relevant in the industry.

The good news is that PHP stills remains one of the most popular and widely used web development languages even in this current era. According to a recent study during the current times PHP development accounts for as much as 83% of the server side languages used for web development globally. This includes the PHP based Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress and so on. However even if you are to remove this pre built CMS platforms from this equation, in percentage terms this would still be a whopping 54% of the total web space. This is a clear indication of the domination of PHP development in the [resent web scenario.

Thus pursuing a PHP career may indeed be the right career move for you and you need the right PHP training Durgapur for your career success.

Through the Online PHP Course  of PHP Kolkata you could avail the best PHP Course in Durgapur.  This is a comprehensive PHP training program which begins with the basics and covers all the advanced concepts in great detail. Through the interactive sessions with the most experienced training faculty you can achieve total understanding of the PHP development concepts.