PHP Kolkata Now Offers The Best PHP Training in Durgapur

  • 11th September 2017
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Now you can avail the best PHP training in Durgapur from PHP Kolkata. We have been into PHP training since 2008 and have an impeccable track record of providing 100 % Job placements following successful completion of our PHP Course. More than 3000 of our students are presently working in top MNCs and 2 tier PHP companies in and around Kolkata. Once you have enrolled for our PHP course you would be able to connect directly with our students through an unique job portal and also social media platforms like Facebook and Whatsapp.

Php Career Training

What makes PHP Kolkata a top PHP training institute in Durgapur also? 

Much like all other places it is true with the growing demand for PHP developers a lot many PHP training institutes have mushroomed in Durgapur as well. But PHP Kolkata is the right PHP training institute in Durgapur too. The reasons are simple. You can now avail the best training in PHP development from PHP Kolkata from Durgapur also. This is in 2 ways. The first is by opting for our Online PHP module course.

Online Module

 Through this module the PHP training is imparted by means of the Skype and Team viewer. We certainly have the best faculty at our institute. They are always up to date with the latest in the industry. The best thing about our online training module is that you can learn by directly interact with them. You can get your doubts clarified directly from them at the online sessions.

Classroom Training

 In case you want to avail classroom training then you could attend the classes at our Howrah or Dumdum centre on a weekly basis. Now Durgapur is well connected by means of both bus as well as trains. So you could also avail the classroom PHP training sessions as well.

PHP Course in Durgapur from PHP Kolkata is the best

 It is true that with the growing demand of web development, PHP programmers are in great demand. However to take best advantage of this growing trend you need the most appropriate PHP course that will make you industry ready. This is what we offer at PHP Kolkata. Our course begins with the most basic concepts and thereafter gets into the advanced concepts so that you have complete knowledge of all the PHP concepts which are necessary for having a successful PHP career. The great part of our PHP course is also the fact that we have the right balance of both theory as well as practical sessions. Following enrolment you would have the opportunity of working on live PHP projects which will empower you to have a complete understanding of PHP development as a whole. We will also ensure that you prepare well for the job interviews. In order to enable students get job placements we have interview preparation.

So all in all now that you have a great opportunity of learning PHP development from PHP Kolkata from Durgapur itself you can make best of the great opportunity available. Get enrolled for our PHP training course either for our online module or class room training and have a high flying career in PHP development. To know more please visit our website or get in touch with us.