The growing popularity of PHP development world wide

  • 1st December 2016
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“Before choosing any career you must know the scope for the same in future. In case you choose to develop your career in Web development in the IT industry, you need to know the options available to you for the same.”

If you want to be a web based application developer then there a whole lot of options to choose from. These include the PHP, Java,, python ruby and many more. Before finalizing your career choice you need to assess the popularity of each of these programming languages. You must also know which of these are mostly being used by web development companies. It is this important fact that would ultimately determine your scope of employment after getting trained in them.

PHP Popularity at World Level

Of all the programming languages used for PHP is one of the most popular web development applications which is widely used worldwide. The reason for this is that it provides a lot of features that make it robust and easier for web developers. It is an open source programming application which has multiple tools which would enable you to fulfill all kinds of web application development.

A major benefit of using the PHP application is that it requires no license fee. Thus it is very cost effective. This is why most companies whether big or small have started using it to reduce their costs of web application development. The popularity of this revolutionary web development language has grown so much that even Social Media giants like Facebook are using it for their platform. It is also being used to fulfill various needs like Magento for e commerce web development. You can also use PHP for Drupal or Joomla which are generally used for knowledge and business based portals.

PHP development future

WordPress is another example of how user friendly and simple an application can be developed with the help of PHP programming. What is best about PHP is that worldwide there is whole community who are working to make it even better.

With the wider acceptance and use of PHP development therefore the demand for PHP developers continue to grow. They are now commanding higher salaries and Web development companies are ready to pay them as well.

The basic logic for Programming languages remains the same

Programming languages are just tools which are used to conduct a task on various platforms. The basic logic and concept of how these tasks are to be executed on each of them is the same. This means that once you learn a particular programming language it is not necessary you would be totally bound to it. In fact by knowing one particular programming language would make you familiar with the basic concepts, which can be used to perform similar tasks on other platforms as well.

Scope of PHP development in Kolkata

For most working professionals there is a common perception that if you are to build your career you must move out of Kolkata to more prospective cities like Bangalaore, Mumai, Delhi, Pune, etc. But you would be glad to know that there is plenty of scope for PHP development in Kolkata too.

This is why there a numerous companies based in Kolkata itself are doing plenty of PHP development work to cater to the needs of both domestic as well as international clients. This is why they keep recruiting PHP developers who have the right knowledge.

To conclude we can therefore say that the future of PHP development in Kolkata is bright and in case you are looking tp develop a PHP career it is the right thing to do. To know  about what is happening in the PHP and web development scenario keep following the Blogs of PHP Kolkata