PHP 1995 To 2018 – A Journey

  • 4th March 2018
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If you are a web developer and familiar with programming you would know that PHP as a programming continues to be one of the most popular web scripting language worldwide. According to Wikipedia PHP is a server side scripting language developed mainly for web development. However it is also used in general purpose programming language as well. We at PHP Kolkata have been in the field of PHP development and training for long and have successfully worked in the field. SO let take a look at the journey which PHP development has had ever since it was created in 1995.


The Beginning

The PHP development started in the year 1995, when Ramsus Lerdorf along wrote and developed many Common Gateway Interface (CGI) programs in C. This was used to maintain his personal homepage. Thereafter he extended them so that they could used on web forms and to communicate with databases. He called the implementation of this as Personal Home Page / Forms Interpreter. This could used to build dynamic web applications.

The initial years

In the early days PHP was never intended to be a programming language. It basically grew organically. However slowly a development team was born and after months of work and beta testing officially the PHP/FI 2 was released in the November of the year 1997.

PHP 3 and PHP 4

Thereafter yhe base of PHP3 was formed after Zeev Suarski along with Andi Gutmans rewrote the Parser in 1997 and officially the PHP3 was launched in 1998. Following this they also rewrote PHP’s Core which produced the Zend Engine in 1999.  After this they also founded the Zend Technologies. In the May of 2000, PHP 4 was released. As on  2008 this reached the 4.4.9 version.



In the July of 2004 PHP 5 was released. The new version of PHP over here had some additional features which included improved support for Object oriented programming and also the PHP Data Objects (PDO).


PHP6 and Unicode

In the year 2005 an effort was made to bring in native uniicode support to the PHP e framework. Thus this caused a major change in the development of PHP thereafter.



In the years 2o14 and 2015 a new major version for PHP was developed. This was the PHP7. This was mainly done to maximize the performance of PHP by refactoring the Zend engine. However at the same time the near complete language compatibility was maintained.


Thus over the years the journey of PHP development has been quite incredible. Even as on date the popularity of PHP as a web development language has been quite spectacular. This is is why it is used by so many web development companies World Wide for developing websites. Thus the PHP developers would be in constant demand at all times. This is why so many companies are recruiting PHP programmers.

Therefore in case you too embark to have a very successful career, PHP d right development is indeed the right way > SO you must get trained in PHP from the right PHP development institute.

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