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How to design a website using HTML and CSS?

18th April 2017/1 Comment/in PHP Updates

We live in the world of the internet. This has of course been one of the revolutionary developments in recent times. No longer is vital information just restricted to books or printed materials. With the World Wide Web, you can web brows  to any information you want. Search engines are of great help. When it comes to website development then the 2 most dominant languages ...

Boost your Career with Advanced PHP Courses in Kolkata

17th April 2017/1 Comment/in PHP Updates, PHP Updates

Are you looking for PHP training in Kolkata? Then you need the right PHP training Institute which offers the best and most advanced PHP courses. We at PHP Kolkata is a top PHP training Institute in Kolkata. You might be fresh out of college and considering various career options. This is indeed a critical time ...

How PHP is Better Than Other Web Development Languages? Why go for PHP Training?

25th March 2017/1 Comment/in PHP Updates, PHP Updates, PHP Updates

With the booming internet almost all businesses worldwide want to get on to the World Wide Web. The best way to do so is having your own website developed. Thus in recent times web designing and web development has been under great demand worldwide. However amongst all the web development languages used PHP is one of the most popular throughout. This is not without reason....

What are you expecting from PHP 7?

16th March 2017/1 Comment/in PHP Updates, PHP Updates, PHP Updates, PHP Updates

There was much debate about what the next version of PHP would be called. Finally it has been decided to call the next version of PHP as PHP 7. This latest version is a major shift from the earlier version which was the PHP 5X. PHP 6 according to experts was not much appealing. Thus much is expected to look forward from PHP 7.


Learning about: How to code for the Web

27th January 2017/1 Comment/in PHP Updates, PHP Updates, PHP Updates, PHP Updates, php blog

Are you looking to build a very successful career in the Web development sector and want to know, How to code for the Web? If so then by learning how to code you could have many benefits. These include include learning about how you could hand-craft your own websites, or become a career coder. You could even consider starting a technology business. Being in the business o...

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