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  • 22nd October 2018
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This is age of the internet. Industry experts claim that in case businesses have to survive the current onslaught of killer competitor they must have be on the internet. The way to have a significant digital presence is by means of a user friendly and SEO friendly website and web applications. So creating the best website and other web applications is a very important requirement for all businesses now. This is why the demand for expert developers is at an all time high. Out of the many web development languages which are in use PHP development is very popular and on high demand.  If you are based in Assansol now the good news is that you can avail Assansol PHP training from PHP Kolkata

The reasons for popularity of PHP as a web development language

The demand for having the right websites has meant that expert web developers are on high demand. What is to be noted that out of the many web development languages out there PHP is one of the most preferred and widely used web development languages. This is one web development language which is not only being used by new startup companies but also by the biggest brands like Facebook. Let us see some major reasons why it is so popular with web developers.

Some major reasons include the following major reasons:

  • PHP boasts simplicity- It is much simple to learn and use and thus best for beginners
  • PHP is an Open source web development language and thus free
  • It works very well with CMS
  • PHP is a web development language which is very flexible & scalable
  • You could have various Add-ons and Extensions with PHP
  • PHP is a web development which is backed up by a large community- You can have support at any time
  • PHP offers diversified frameworks and also delivers high performance

Given all these benefits most web developers now use PHP programming for developing websites and web applications.

What is also important where you avail the PHP development training from. PHP Kolkata is a top PHP training institute which provides comprehensive PHP training. With a great faculty and excellent PHP job support it is one of the leading PHP training institutes in India. Now you can avail the best PHP training in Asansol from PHP Kolkata. To know more please visit our PHP training Course page.