Latest PHP Development Trends for 2018

  • 2nd April 2018
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So do you plan to have a high flying IT career? If so as you would already know the right knowledge and skills for PHP development could be the key to your success. Over the years PHP development is one of the most web development languages. It is one of the most widely used web development languages. However, as a PHP developer you need to be aware of the latest trends in the field and always look for upgrading your skills in it. Being in the field of PHP Development and being a top PHP Training Institute in Kolkata, We at PHP Kolkata always strive to provide the best. Let us look at some of the latest PHP development trends.




As per a recent analysis of Google Trends, it was clearly observed that Laravel framework distinctly stands out from the rest of the frameworks listed. It is what shall stay at the top in 2018. Experts in the field feel that that Laravel framework has an excellent documentation, robust features. It also has a growing support community which made Laravel a clear winner in the list of PHP frameworks. Till recently it was seen that the launch of Laravel 5.5 framework Google Trends has witnessed an increase in Laravel search results across the globe.

What also is a great benefit of using Laravel is that it facilitates many specific packages such the Blade Templating Engine, Artisan, eloquent ORM, Middleware and many more. This has been possible since Laravel offers extensive features and thus many companies started providing Laravel Development Services to grow their business.

The other great thing is the way it handles NoSQL structures like MongoDB & more. Developers, therefore, prefer Laravel. Thus in case you are to grow as a web developer proper knowledge of Laravel is of critical importance in the current web scenario.



The Codeigniter framework has been there now for over 11 years. It shot to fame due to the relatively unassuming use of resources, its simplicity, and convenience. It is now seen that a huge number of documents, can be designed for developers of any level without any restrictions. It is true that Laravel is beginning to develop as a competitor CodeIgniter so that until recently it was a universal benchmark. Let us see why Codeigniter stands out as a PHP framework in spite of the competition.

  • CodeIgniter has a great support community. It includes  libraries, modules, templates, and documentation;
  • Codeigniter has templates to work with databases, which are very similar to SQL syntax
  • There is the possibility of caching on the server side;
  • It has a package manager for quick connection of the libraries from the command line.


Cake PHP

Though it is one of the oldest frameworks, yet CakePHP has managed to retain its user base. It is also gradually but surely continuously growing. It also has an impressive portfolio. These comprise of big brands of the like of Express & BMW. Much like  CodeIgnitor, CakePHP to happens to be an ideal framework for beginners. What is also great about Cake PHP is that it also supports the rapid development of commercial web apps. It has a built-in code generation with some great functionality.This helps it to increase the speed of development & numerous packages to carry out general functionalities. The configuration process of CakePHP is very fast. The reason is that it reduces the need for unwanted complicated files such as XML or YAML config files. The great thing about Cake PHP is that its faster and builds are one of the main features along with the security features which include measures to prevent cyber-attacks.

All these put together the CakePHP still continues to be a very popular PHP development platform.



As a web developer, you might know that Zend Framework is prominently known as a more professional PHP framework. It is mainly used for powerful enterprise-level applications. The framework is one which has an extensive set of features such as security, extensibility in mind & performance. However, you must also note that Zend is not suitable for rapid application development as it was developed with a focus on enterprise applications. Thus it is a framework which has an enterprise driven nature with the support of numerous components such as feeds, forms, services and more.

In conclusion, we hope that we have been able to provide you with a fair idea about the latest emerging trends for PHP development. You need to acquire the right knowledge and skills for them and we at PHP Kolkata can help you just that. To know more about our latest Job oriented PHP courses please get in touch with us at PHP Kolkata.