What the latest Android Development training must offer in the current scenario?

  • 27th May 2019
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With the rapidly rising numbers of android based mobile devices, it is true that Android Development has been in great demand. Thus as a career aspirant in Kolkata and on the lookout for the best Android Training Institute in Kolkata, it is the right thing to do. The right Android Training Kolkata can indeed provide you with the perfect launching pad to a great Android Development career indeed. However here is what you must keep in mind while choosing the best android development training in Kolkata.

Getting Started

In order to get started you need to find out the best Android Training Institute who would provide you with a Comprehensive Android Training Course which would provide you with a complete understanding of the various concepts involved. These must involve everything from the basics to the most advanced concepts.

Apart from this on your Laptop Computer which you would be carrying or your home computer which you would use for practicing the practical portions there are certain software which needs to be set up. These include the following.

  • You need to set up Android Studio IDE or Android Development on your PC or Laptop which you would use to learn the practical aspects of Android Development
  • It is important that prior to learning Android development that you have some basic idea about Java Programming Language as well. The reason is that much of the coding which is used for Android Development as well.

Learning the core of the Android Development

It is important that you are able to understand the Activity Lifecycle. The reason for having the knowledge of the activity lifecycle is very important because it is what would help you to create a a bug-free application.

Apart from this you must also be aware of the navigations, task and back stack. It is to ne noted that usually Android Activities are the logical construct of the screens that we want a user to navigate through. The relation that each Activity holds with respect to other is indeed very critical for great user experience.

Not only this but your android training must, also help you to learn how to handle the configuration changes. As an Android Navigator you must note that some device configurations can change during the runtime such as screen orientation, keyboard availability, and when the user enables multi-window mode. As an Efficient Android Developer you need to know how to handle these changes.

All in all if you are looking for the most effective and job oriented Android development training course in Kolkata, PHP Kolkata is the leader in the field.