Key Web Design Elements which are critical for a website

  • 27th April 2019
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With the internet boom most businesses are moving online to occupy a significant space there. With the killer throat competition though, it is important that the websites and web applications that these businesses have are the best. So if you are an aspiring web designer it is absolutely important for you that you are up to date with the latest web design trends and the key elements that form the pillar of web designing.

Finding out what would make the website valuable against competition?

With so many website and web applications out there on the internet it is but essential that the websites you design must stand out from the huge number of websites out there on the World Wide Web. This is why you need to find out what you can create for the website that would create value for your client. So it could be in turn of some valuable content which would not only draw more internet traffic and bring about better customer engagement and minimize the bounce rate. However apart from this there are the basics of effective web designing which need to be looked into at all times:

Lay Out and User Experience

The website should be designed in a way that has the best lay out. For example it should be clutter free. Apart from this it should be designed in a way that must ensure the best user experience. The website must provide valuable information that the users are looking for and that too quite easily.

It must be have easy Navigation

This is what would mean a better user experience and at the same time help in better customer retention and a higher engagement. This is what can help to deliver business.

Put the Most important information at the top

When users visit a website they usually scan the same instead of reading all the information line by line. It is because of this that as an expert web designer you need to put all the most information at the top of the web page so that it is immediately noticed by the online visitors.


Must be Search Engine Friendly

Another key element of a well designed website is that it must be Search Engine Friendly. With the right Search engine friendliness the rankings on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) would improve and mean better business.

While choosing the best web design course in Kolkata these are what they must train you in.