Is PHP best for beginners? Scope of PHP for beginners

  • 14th November 2016
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You may be fresh out of college or just started working. With the growing popularity of PHP development you may be excited and thinking the scope of PHP for beginners. It is true that web development offers many jobs for freshers. But as a fresher career planning is the key towards building a great career. Thus any step you take at this point will altogether determine your future. You need to do the right research from the right sources. Being in the field of PHP training since long our aim at PHP Kolkata has always been to provide you with right information so that you can always have a high flying career. In this blog we will try to make you aware of the great about the Pros and cons and whether a career in PHP is worth your time.
However before we try to understand the scope of PHP for beginners, let us first understand what PHP is.

What is PHP?

To put it simply PHP is an open source scripting language. It is a popular tool which is used to create dynamic websites. Owing to its various benefits the popularity of PHP worldwide has grown by leaps and bounds.

php for beginer

Scope of PHP in the current job market

To understand how PHP for beginners would work out for you as a career option, you would surely like to know about the scope of PHP in the job market. There was a time, a few years back when the big IT companies like Infosys, Wipro, TCS and Wipro used to prefer hiring Java programmers. However with a change in web scenario there has been a clear shift in demand towards PHP programmers. The reasons for this are many.

Most Big Online Portals are now based on PHP programming

Be it Facebook, Yahoo, Digg, or Delicious or giant online portals globally, a majority of them are based on PHP. Apart from these there are a lot many small and popular web applications which are all based on this revolutionary web development language. Thus the demand for PHP professionals even for freshers remains high in the present job market. Thus as a fresher in the field you must get trained in appropriate courses which are targeted at PHP for beginners.

As a PHP programmer there is plenty of scope for freelancing

Once you have acquired the desired knowledge in PHP programming the scope of earning is multi fold. You need not restrict yourself to a job with a fixed salary. You could earn a lot through free lancing. As a beginner in the field you can always go in for a full time free lancing career as a PHP based Web Developer.

PHP for beginners is easy to learn and pick up

As a beginner in any field it always becomes more convenient and easy when it is easy to learn and pick up. PHP as a language is much easier to pick up and learn. Besides since this is widely used worldwide there is a global community which you can use for any support you may need.
To conclude we can understand that if you are planning for a lucrative career then PHP development is certainly the right choice for you. However to build a strong career you need the right trainer. This is where PHP Kolkata comes in. We are one of the leaders in PHP training and offer the best course specifically targeted at PHP for beginners. For further details please visit PHP training