Important Web Design Principles to know

  • 12th September 2018
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If you are embarking on a career in Web Design and Web Development career you would know that there is cut throat competition on the 0nline space. To survive this killer competition you must be able to design and develop websites that meets the very high standards of the look and feel that the modern day web users are used to. To deliver the same as a successful web designer you must master some basic web design principles. SO if you are based in Kolkata and looking for the best web design course in Kolkata the following are some basic stuff that it must teach:

Web Designing Training in Kolkata

  1. Defining the purpose Clearly

Every Website should have a purpose for which it is being designed. So it is important for you as a web designer to identify the exact need why it is being created. At the outset know what the website is being created for what the potential visitors to the web site would look for. Is it for some basic information, interaction, or entertainment? All the web pages of the web site must have consistency in regard to delivering the basic purpose for which it has been created for.

  1. Images

You must make sure that the images which are to be put on the website are of the highest quality. The web images play a key role is determining the brand image of the web site. It is said that an image can speak a thousand words. Thus pay close attention to the web images to be used. The space it would occupy is also an important factor which needs due consideration.

  1. Legibility

The user friendliness is a very important factor which also determines Search engine friendliness and key business parameters. So you need to choose the right font size, the right clour scheme, the right theme so that everything looks very attractive and catches quick attention. At the same time the content must be easy to read.

  1. User friendliness

With the bounce rates becoming high with increased competition the web designer must ensure factors like easy navigation, faster loading time, ability to highlight the key information is looking for are some factors which you need to take care of as a successful web designer.

To conclude we can say that with the huge demand for web designing there are a number of web design courses which have mushroomed up in Kolkata now. This is why you need to select the Web Designing Training in Kolkata to succeed in the field.