How to learn php – Basic Steps you need to follow

  • 16th December 2016
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PHP as a web development language has become extremely popular globally. Besides there are now plenty of PHP development companies in Kolkata itself who are always on the lookout for PHP programmers. Thus with PHP you could indeed have a high flying career. But to do well in the field you need to focus on how to learn PHP?  Being in the PHP training field now for a long period, we can say that learning PHP is not very tough. In this blog we will provide you with the basic steps you need to follow to learn PHP.

Know about PHP:

As we have already discussed in other blogs like the one titled “Is PHP for beginners?“, we had explained what PHP is and what are the reasons for its popularity. Thus you may want to be a PHP professional but you may think that learning a new programming language may be cumbersome and very overwhelming. This is particularly true for those who are not from an IT background. In case you are keen to learn PHP what you need to know is that learning PHP is not overwhelming. All you need to do is to start taking one step at a time.

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What you need to know for learning PHP?

Before you start learning PHP you need to have a basic understanding of HTML. If you have some idea it is great. If not there are plenty of HTML articles and tutorials on the internet to help you learn the basic concepts. We had also covered about some basic tutorials you can follow in one of our blogs. Once you know both languages, you can switch between PHP and HTML right in the same document. You can even run PHP from an HTML file.

Some tools you need

For creating PHP pages you can use the same software you use for crating your HTML pages. You would also need an FTP client to transfer files from your computer to your web host. If you already have an HTML website, you perhaps already use an FTP program.

Where to start?

As with knowing anything you need to start right from the beginning and the basics. That is why you need to know about certain basic networking concepts and how the internet works. You also need to know about the FTP server and the HTTP Server. You need to learn about static and dynamic websites and what are required to create them. As already pointed out you need to know about certain HTML tags and how to use them practically. After knowing these you also need to know about javascript and JQUERY.

These are certain basic concepts you need to begin with. We hope that by this time you would have got some idea as how to learn PHP.If you do all learning everything on your own through PHP tutorials; it may not be the best things to do. The reason is that you may have doubts and clarifications which need to be cleared. It is because of this we recommend you get enrolled for our PHP course at PHP Kolkata.

We have a comprehensive PHP course which starts with the basics and moves on to the most advanced level. The course would give you a complete practical insight into the concepts as well as you would get an opportunity on working on live PHP projects.  Besides we are also tied up with over 1000 top PHP companies for jobs. Thus we have an excellent job placement record too. Thus with the PHP Course at PHP Kolkata is the perfect answer in regard to how to learn PHP. For further details about our PHP Course please visit PHP Training at PHP Kolkata.