Give your career the extra edge in the New Year with PHP training

  • 3rd January 2019
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If you are based in Asansol and looking for a great web development career then you must avail the best PPH training in Asansol to give your web development career the extra edge. You would know that the year 2018 has been quite challenging for the software industry owing to various global factors. So these are times when you need to be a bit careful in terms of your career choices. The web development industry is a very dynamic one and you need to be fully up to date with the latest industry trends. You need to assess and build your knowledge and skills on what would stay in demand in future as well. So let us first explore whether PHP is still is demand.

The demand for PHP development in current web development scenario

In times when the going for young career aspirants seems uncertain it is advisable that you do a thorough research about the entire career options including PHP development. The good news is that the demand for PHP as a web development language continues unabated just like in the past.

In fact according to a recent study as of now PHP development makes up as much as 83% of all server side open script web development languages. It is true that out of this much of it is comprised of PHP based Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress and so on. What is even more exciting to note is that even if you were to keep the contribution of CMS aside, even then PHP still occupies an astounding 54% of the World Wide Web. The one reason why the domination of PHP as a web development language has grown consistently over the years is that it has evolved over the years where there were several inconsistencies in the initial years. When written properly using the methodologies like DRY, SOLID and MVC it becomes an extremely powerful web development language which is very diverse, fast and has plenty to offer to all web developers.

This means that if you are based in Asansol and looking for the best PHP course in Asansol it is the right thing to do. PHP Kolkata now brings for you the best PHP training Asansol with the online module. This is a very comprehensive PHP course covering everything from the basics to the advanced concepts in great detail.