Get to know the salary of PHP Developers in India

  • 6th December 2016
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Do you have any idea about the average salary of PHP developers in India? We have been in the PHP development industry since long and would be able to guide you in the matter. Before you embark on developing your PHP career we are sure that you would like to know the salary you would be eligible for once you complete your PHP training.
In our blog titled “Prospects of Jobs for Freshers” we have already informed you that PHP offers great scope both freshers as well as experienced candidates. Besides there are many PHP development companies in Kolkata itself who are on the lookout for recruiting PHP developers. To get a complete idea about the scope of PHP jobs you may even visit PHP Jobs in Kolkata to find out the exact type of jobs available. There is no doubt that PHP development has great scope in India.
Let us try to enlighten you about the salary scale of PHP developers in India and what you should do to increase your salary in the field.

What salary you could expect in the PHP development industry?

Going by experience in the industry, as a PHP developer with the right set of skills you could even expect to earn as much as Rs 60,000 /- per month. As a PHP developer no matter where you may begin but the increase in your salary would depend largely upon the technical expertise you develop while you are on the job.

PHP Developer

Being in the Web development industry for more than 10 years we realize that PHP development is surely the best platform for you if you are really serious about a high flying career. As the CEO and PHP trainer at PHP Kolkata, I have placed students from our institute who were offered a starting salary of Rs 7000 per month to even those who have been offered Rs 30,000 per month.


So the salary you draw largely depends on your knowledge and skill levels in PHP development. If you have the right set of skills then there are many companies who are ready to pay higher salaries. So in order to draw higher salaries your objective should always be to enhance your skill set with the right training.

What you need to do for Salary enhancement?

In case you have a good knowledge in PHP CMS Structure like Drupal, Model-view-controller (MVC), Laravel, HTML, DHTML, jQuery, and MySQL , we are sure that as a PHP developer in Kolkata itself you could draw salaries of above Rs 50000 per month. Thus to earn higher salaries your objective must always be to learn your work well. This you can do by getting trained at the right PHP training institute.
This is why we at “PHP Kolkata” provide the best PHP training in Kolkata which is industry specific. We not only provide theoretical knowledge but also provide the students to work on live projects. This would equip you with the practical insight you would need to work in the industry. It is because of this we are tied up with the leading PHP development companies in Kolkata who offer the best salaries in the industry. All you need is to be sincere in your learning. To know more about our PHP courses please visit our website.