What Does The Future Of PHP Hold?

  • 1st November 2016
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Web development process using PHP platform is of huge craze especially in the small business sector. It is seen that many large scale software organizations are using PHP language. If the current status to be followed as par with the industry progress, it is undoubtedly can be declared that PHP has immense future for the upcoming generation.

If a proper survey is conducted, then it can be easily stated that the job opportunities for PHP are far more in numbers than compared to JAVA. Php developers can start from a very initial stage and has huge scopes to learn ahead.


features of php

Features of PHP

The career opportunities for PHP developers

The most striking advantage of PHP developers is that they can start working from an initial stage and can do freelancing along with their jobs as they are very easy to handle. However on the other hand it is often seen that JAVA developers mostly struggle while handling their job only.

Moreover the career opportunities for PHP developers are very prospective as with only one year experience in Web development they get good job offers. However for the JAVA developers they need at least 2-3 years of experience to get job offers from big companies. In the years down the lane, there is ample opportunity for PHP as it has many aspects and types that are immensely used for many market purposes.