Features of Web Server And PHP That Make Everyone Love It

  • 12th January 2018
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If you are in the field of web development you would know how popular Web Server and PHP development has become in recent times. The popularity and why so many web developers love PHP development is of course not without reason. Being a leader in the field of PHP training in Kolkata, we at PHP Kolkata have been closely associated with PHP development since long. Through this blog we will point out the features of Web Server and PHP that make it so popular, which is why so many people love it?

Image Source: slideshare.net/chandandas9028194/php-42136309

Image Source: slideshare.net/chandandas9028194/php-42136309

As you might already know that, PHP, was one of the very first venerable server-side scripting language, which has been used worldwide even for some very popular web sites. It has been used by the likes of WordPress and Facebook. So there is every reason why you should get trained in it for a high flying web development career. The following are some of the key features which make PHP great for web development:

  1. Easy to get going

The first big benefit of PHP as a web development language is that it is simple to install and configure, be it any operating system like Windows or Linux. You could get started with PHP in a very simple and easy manner. Apart from this since its dynamic typing, a new user does not find it difficult to pickup. Apart from this users can easily use PHP tags with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and get something running. This is what matters for web developers.

  1. Very Portable

One distinct about PHP as a web development language is that it is very portable. You can very easily use it in any application.

  1. PHP Scales Well

The other great benefit about PHP for web development is that it scales well. PHP comes in with many built in functionalities for various problems like files, data bases, Auio, images, etc. These help to create various applications for different types of projects as per needs. It is a very flexible web development language.

  1. A huge Number of frameworks

If you are to look at the present web development scenario you would find that there is a huge number of frameworks for PHP. These include everything from Micro frameworks to full fledge ones. You could therefore choose from a wide range of frameworks from depending on your requirements.

  1. Well known language many Companies prefer

With the growing popularity of PHP for web development a large number of companies worldwide are using PHP to get their websites and other web applications developed. This means that as a PHP developer you would always stay in great demand in the job market and demand great pay packages.

  1. A great community for support

PHP has a huge community globally. Thus in case of any support required even for the most complicated problems there is always the community support available to resolve the same. This is a big advantage for any web developer.

  1. PHP supports integrated data bases

You must take note of the fact that PHP has built in support for most data bases. These include MYSQL, ORACLE, SQLITE, Etc. This means that you could easily start using data bases, even if you are a beginner. There is no need for you to install additional drivers for the same.

In conclusion we hope that we have been able to establish the major reasons why PHP is great for web development. We hope that with this information you have understand its importance and get yourself trained in the best possible way.PHP Kolkata is one of the best PHP Training Institutes in Kolkata for training. To know more please visit our Website