Facilitation of Android in App-Payments

  • 9th December 2018
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If you aspire to be an Android Developer then it is the right thing to do. The unprecedented growth in smart phone technology led by Android in the forefront has meant immense scope for Android developers. So for you as a young career aspirant you could indeed have a very lucrative career in Android development if you are able to develop the right knowledge and the skill sets for the same. In case you are based in Kolkata and looking to learn android development then you must opt for the best Android Development Institute in Kolkata to stay up to date with the latest in the industry. Android Development as you would know is a very dynamic field which is why it is important to stay in touch with the latest in the field and thus you need Android Training Kolkata that would equip with the latest trends.

Amongst the various needs for Android development the one which has become very important, online payments is one.

The growing need of online payments over mobile devices

The indications are loud and clear. The e commerce industry in India in India and globally is booming. Once products are ordered online they have to be paid for.

This has riggered the need of some efficient mass development of payment apps.In fact industry experts predict that annually half of all online transactions will be made through our mobile devices and even wearables like smartwatches.

Therefore as a young mobile app developer you can be sure that m-commerce is entering the golden era of tremendous growth This is why, Google does not want to lose its leading position in the market and has introduced new trends in mobile payments.

It has been nearly seven years, since the Google Wallet was created. This was the first of its kind mobile payment system that allows people to perform payments with their Android smartphones using NFC technology. Thereafter people started making payments via Android OS. Two years ago Google introduced Android Pay upgraded Google Wallet, more secure and advantageous.

To conclude we can say that there is no doubt that the demand for facilitating online payments over mobile devices have grown multifold and also become an essential need of Android Development.

Thus while opting for Advanced Android Training Kolkata you need to ensure that these aspects are well covered in the Training curriculum to stay ahead in the Android Development field in the current web scenario.