What are you expecting from PHP 7?

  • 16th March 2017
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There was much debate about what the next version of PHP would be called. Finally it has been decided to call the next version of PHP as PHP 7. This latest version is a major shift from the earlier version which was the PHP 5X. PHP 6 according to experts was not much appealing. Thus much is expected to look forward from PHP 7. Being a leader in PHP Training in Kolkata we at PHP Kolkata would make you aware of the points you could expect from the latest version of the PHP , which is PHP 7.

The things to look out for in PHP 7

Impressive performance

While using PHP 7 you could massive performance outputs just by upgrading to the newer PHPNG. Experts find that the gains made from the upgrade are indeed quite impressive. The improved performance means that the speed of receiving outputs has almost doubled with the new version.

Just in Time feature

In PHP 7, the Just in Time feature has been added. This means that the Zend opcodes would be dynamically compiled into a native machine code. As a result the speed would get enhanced significantly. This would therefore ensure overall performance enhancement as a whole.

New Operator introduced

In the new version of PHP 7, a new operator has been added. <=>is the operator which is to be used for combined comparisons. This operator will help in sorting in a big way.

Abstract Syntax free

The PHP 7 is an intermediary step for shift from AST tp PHP extensions. This opens the scope for PHP in a whole new way in terms of interesting tools like static code analyzers which would be able to detect and remove bugs.

Declarations and Scaler types

With PHP 7,  PHP programmers can declare the return type of function they want to include. With this, the argument type hints as well as the new return type declarations support the new scalar type functions. With this feature PHP developers will be able to denote whether they are expecting a string, float, int or bool to be returned in the output.

Implementing Asynchronous Programming

The future of PHP is very likely to change with the refactoring PHP I/O multiplexing layer. With PHP 7, as a PHP developer you would  be able to take care of any type of event handling with much ease and convenience. All the processes which are related to I/O as well as other asynchronous tasks like accessing files, networks, databases etc. would be much easier. Easy execution of parallel tasks within a single request will be made possible. As a whole with PHP 7, the strength and the performance of PHP as a programming language would get enhanced many times.

To conclude we can say that indeed a lot is expected from PHP 7. Whether it will actually be able to live up to the many expectations only the future will say. However no matter which version is used or is launched in regard to PHP training you can be rest assured that the PHP training provided at PHP Kolkata will be the best. To know more about our PHP training please Contatct Us!