Know some differences between php5 and php7

  • 3rd January 2017
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We have been trying to make you aware of the great scope that a PHP career has to offer. However before you enroll for any training program you need to be aware of the various versions of PHP. There is no use learning something which is outdated and no longer applicable in the market.

Being in the field of PHP Training in Kolkata since long, it has always been our endeavor always to keep you up to date with the latest in the web design and PHP. As we have mentioned in our earlier blog titled ” History of PHP: How it all started?” that PHP as web development language has great scope. Besides with the passage of time this very flexible open source language has got better and better. In this blog we will inform you about the differences between PHP 5 and PHP7.


The main reason why PHP7 was developed was that PHP6 never reached a stable version. Let us now look at some of these


Without a single piece of code, being changed you can get performance just by upgrading to PHP 7. You might be aware of the Facebook HVVM. This makes maximum use of the advanced level of PHP based application.

php 5 and php 7

So PHPNG (PHP Next-Gen) basically started as an idea to deliver maximum performance in the way the Facebook HVVM does. This improvement source was led by ZEND to bring about speeding up of PHP based application.

Scalar Type Hints & Return Types:

Many developers would like able to declare return type for the function or method. By default PHP7 will allow developers to declare what kind of return type function is expected to return a value.

The Spaceship operator gets introduced in PHP 7

The latest version of PHP i.e PHP 7 has brought in a new spaceship operator (<= >), which is otherwise called the combined comparison operator. This will be helping in the functions of sorting and comparison. It works like strcmp() or version_compare().

There are a host of additional features

Apart from some of the changes mentioned above there are a lot of additional features which are as follows:
Abstract Syntax Tree: – This is a big change on the core. However this will most likely to be visible to developers. It makes parsing php code easier. It also creates for an environment where fewer errors are likely. It paves the way to build better things in future.
Closure::call () : – This new method has been added to PHP in this version. It allows variable binding at call time rather pre-binding.
Null Coalesce Operator: – The coalesce operator or ?? has been added to the core in this version. As a result returns the first operand is exists or null.
Uniform Variable Syntax: – The main deference of existing syntax and new syntax is to keep consistence and complete variable syntax. Allows advance expressions.
In conclusion we can say that PHP7 is a much improved version. The new version makes PHP a much more matured language. With it you as a PHP developer can build great enterprise level applications. To know more about PHP and PHP training please visit our website.