Differences between PHP and Java: which is better?

  • 2nd January 2017
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You may be on the lookout for a career in Web Development. As of now you may have heard both about PHP and Java as web development languages. You may be trying to find out which of the two will give you the best long-term return on your learning investment.

As someone new into the IT field you may also be considering which will best support the intricate development needs of large companies? You also may want to find out, which of the two will give better returns to new start ups coming up. Or which down the future will be in greater demand?

Both PHP and Java form an integral part of the modern web

PHP and Java both form an integral part of the web.  PHP and Java have serious credentials. It is why they support some of the world’s largest and most profitable sites. Thus it is more than likely that both have a long and promising future in web development.

java vs PHP

Though it some ways you may think that both these web development languages are structurally the same and mutually exclusive. However they are not. The ways they operate are different in many ways. Where they are to be used depends at large on the task which is to be established.

Where they are different?

Structural differences of the two

One significant difference between the two languages is that they are structurally quite different. Java is a strongly typed language while PHP is a weak typed language. This means that the Java requires explicit commands to function. In terms of expectations of input and output, if the exact expectations of the programming are not met in Java, then it will not work.

It will not work if there are errors in the same. In comparison PHP is a weakly typed language. This means that it is more flexible and relies on common sense programming.

Java more suitable for more complicated programming

Java can be a better choice when there is something very complicated which is to be established. It relies on teams of professional developers.  On the other hand PHP is more accessible to inexperienced programmers. Some even claim that PHP demands less formal knowledge and perhaps may be a better option for those new to the field of Web development.

Some advantages PHP has
  1. PHP is free in terms of coding standards. It can be done free of cost.
  2. It is an Open e open-source language .Thus it is available on virtually every Web-hosting platform for anyone who wants to use it.
  3. PHP is very flexible across all platforms.
  4. PHP provides an easy method to so that people see what they should, wherever they are.

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As against this a common perception about Java is that it is best for authoring websites that use very complex modules. They usually employ separate web development teams to support.

In conclusion we can say that both PHP and Java are very widely used web development languages. But perhaps in terms of flexibility PHP has its edge over Java. To know more about PHP please keep following PHP Kolkata Blogs.