Customize WordPress Theme – 5 Points to Keep in Mind

  • 21st September 2017
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There is n doubt about the fact that at present WordPress is a brilliant platform for creating websites and blogs. It is relatively easy to master and the best part about it is that it packs a ton of features. What more could you ask for after knowing that it is also really customization-friendly, so to speak. Through WordPress Customization if you want to change anything about it, WordPress allows you to do so in one way or the other. We at PHP Kolkata through this blog will point out the 5 major points you need to keep in mind while you are going in for WordPress customization.

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Understand the limitations

Though WordPress is extremely user friendly and allows great convenience you must note that there are certain limitations. This is that individual customizations would not be available in every single WordPress theme on the market. Thus your specific theme selection will highly impact your ability to follow through with certain changes. Certain old themes may not allow all types of customizations as do some of the later ones.

Have a complete understanding of the Woprdpress Customizer

In short, every modern WordPress theme  would most of the time allows you to customize various details of its appearance and features through the built-in WordPress This Customizer – is available in WordPress right out the box. You need to have a complete understanding of the WordPress customizer before you start working with it. At the beginnings therefore try to get as familiar with it as is possible.

Customizations in general

You could do a whole lot with the customizations available on WordPress. These include everything from setting a Custom header to others like setting logo and choosing and adjusting colours for your website. You could even get to choose a custom background. With the customizer you could get to customize the background images as well. These are the general customization features available. But along with this there are certain additional theme based customizations available too.

Certain additional theme based customizations

You must realize while using Worpress that since there are thousands of themes available out there, and many of them add their own blocks to the Customizer, covering all imaginable possibilities in this guide is simply impossible. Thu you need to experiment with them and find out which one will best work to meet your specific needs.

Plugins to use for theme customization

Apart from the general WordPress Customizers available with the themes there are certain very useful customization plugins available on Wordprss as well. You need to try out some of these plugins and thereby use them effectively to ensure best results.

In conclusion we hope that by making use of the points mentioned above you could customize your Wordress theme to deliver even much better results for your website. We hope that you have found this blog to be useful.