Artificial Intelligence must be a part of advanced training

  • 3rd January 2019
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Whether you a young fresher or an experienced android app developer if you are on the lookout for Advanced Android training in Kolkata, you must opt for the one which incorporates the latest trends in the industry. When it comes to the latest in technology in the current scenario, Artificial Intelligence (AI)  is for sure the future. Experts in the field are estimating that hat the global market value of AI is going to be over 17 billion US dollars by the year of 2020.

As an Android App developer you need to be a part of this tremendous opportunity. Thus in case you are based in Kolkata and aspiring to be a successful Android App Developer you need to undergo Advanced Android App Development training  Kolkata that would equip you with the requisite skills in the field to take the best advantage of this growing trend of AI.

The plans of Tech Giants regarding AI

For staying in line with the latest in Android Development you need to think and act the way the tech giant Google is planning and thinking. They are also highly promoting AI and also released the AI based toolkit. This latest tool kit is what would aid the Android developers to come up with apps easily and smoothly. You need to note that these advanced toolkits are equipped with android jetpack to get started and rolling with the best apps using AI.

Let us now see what needs to be done with these latest AI based features in Android Development:

Face Detection

The latest smart phones are now coming up with this unique face identity to unlock the phones. This already a part of the latest iPhones and is what is being incorporated in the latest android based phones as well. So you need to have knowledge of this technology.

Text Detection

This is I one feature which involves the detection of  the texts presented in the images or videos and fetching it from the media files. Once the text has been  detected, the user can then proceed to understand the meaning of the actual text, breaking it down into segments and revealing the original form of the same.

Image labeling

Image labeling too is one of the latest features in Android development which is gaining rapid popularity. This enable users to find images more easily within a bunch of images and thus is now considered to be user friendly.