Anrdoid Development: What you must know?

  • 22nd May 2019
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Do you aspire to become an expert Android Developer? If so you need to know that android development today offers great scope in indeed. With the penetration of the smart phones in India and in the scenario where much of the mobile development market is dominated by Android development, there is no doubt that android development is the right platform to develop your knowledge and skills in. Thus if you are based in Kolkata then you must seek the best Android Development Institute in Kolkata to take advantage of the many career opportunities available. But at the same time you need to be aware of what the Android training in Kolkata you are looking for must offer:

Knowledge of Platform: –

As an Android Developer you must know about the platforms. No matter be it a it is Native or whether it is a cross-platform. You must know that there are many various types of platforms. These could be PhoneGap, Titanium and Xamarin that allow developers to build Android mobile apps. However each platform has their own unique features. As a developer you need to have the ability for differentiating between them.

Fluid UI

 Fluid User Interface in simple terms is basically a browser based prototyping tool. This aids in in creating mobile apps across operating systems. These could be the iOS, Android and Windows and so on.  You need to know as a Android Developer that it has a great collection of UI widgets for mobile phones and tablets. The platform has been built on with current web technologies like JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3. It allows a couple of features. These include the online collaboration, gestures and transitions, powerful animation and much more.

Android Studio or Eclipse

As a Android Developer it is important that you you have knowledge of the Integrated Development Environment (IDE). This is what would allow you as an Android Developer everything in regard to Android Development There are two ways for creating Android applications via Android Studio and Eclipse. To begin with you must have the right knowledge of both.


Other important things which you are to know as an Android Developer include concepts like the Android Emulator, the Android SDK along with the APIs as well.

So while looking at any Android development course these are the basic concepts which needs to be covered at large. When it comes to Android development training in Kolkata PHP Kolkata is the leader in the field. To know more about our Android Development Course please Contact Us!!