How Angular 8 Evolved Over the Years?

  • 25th December 2019
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Are you already into web development? If so, we are sure that how dynamic the web development field is; you would realize that you need to, constantly update and up skill your web development knowledge. Staying in trend with the latest development is what in many ways determines the very survival of the web developer especially in the highly competitive web development job market.

You would also know that owing to rapid growth of the smart phone market in India, the need for mobile apps and mobile app developers are at an all time high. If you are to take a look at the latest trends in web development then Angular has become very popular and in case you are a web developer it is of utmost importance that you learn Angular 8 through the right Angular training from the best Angular Training Institute.

Let us however first of all try and understand what Angular is and how it evolved over time.

What is Angular?

Angular is in short, an open-source front end web application framework that was primarily developed way back in 2009 and currently sustained by Google along with an extended community of people and countries. If you are to take a close look you would realize that this is framework combines delcrative templates, dependency injection along with end to end tooling. The best thing about Angular for you as a web developer is that it would empower you to develop applications for the mobile as well as desktops.

How it Evolved Over the Years?

When Angular was first developed way back in 2010 it was popularly known as Angular JS. This was due to the fact that it was mainly based on the Java Script. However gradually over time the more advanced versions of the Angular were developed. These are the Angular 2, Angular 3, Angular 4, Angular 5, Angular 6, Angular 7 and finally Angular 8 in May 2019, it became a the Typescript which compiles to Javascript and is rendered in the browser

Right now Angular 8 is by far the most widely used version of Angular which has become very useful for web developers. These include reasons over a wide range which include like requirement of reduced coding, and would enable you to create the most useful web applications with relative use.

So with the right knowledge following training from the best Angular 8 Training Institute you would be able to fit in multiple roles in web development. All these are surely provide you with a significant salary hike. So eek the whether it is online Angular 8 Training or classroom training, it is likely to give you a significant edge to your web development careers over the others.