7 Things Nobody Told You About Android Training

  • 23rd February 2018
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There is no doubt that with the tremendous growth which is happening in the mobile phone market, particularly with Android phones, that Android development is the future. So it is indeed true that for you as a web developer it would make great sense to learn Android development to boost your career development. Just because Android Development offers a great future does not by itself guarantee your Success in the field. Besides you need to realize that with the huge demand for the technology a lot of Android Development training institutes have come up, most of which make tall claims that training there would itself mean career success. However being in the web development and training for a long time we at PHP Kolkata do realize the importance for you to know in details what is necessary.

Android training in Kolkata

It is because of this that we have listed for you 7 very important points that you need to know about Android Development Training before you embark for it:

  1. Prior knowledge of JAVA is critical for your learning

For learning Android development, you need to have a proper knowledge about JAVA. There is no way around it. You must note that Java is the language which is used in Android. So in case you are a total beginner then you need to learn JAVA first. For this it is best that you obtain some kind of formal training in JAVA like the PHP Core Java Training Course we offer. To begin with you could also go through some of the free training tutorials on YouTube from the more credible trainers on Java.

  1.  Knowledge of XML also necessary

You need to realize that Android development also encompasses learning XML for the app design. This is why you need to understand concepts of Android and using said concepts programmatically with Java. So before you even think about learning Android development, make sure that you brush up your XML knowledge too.

  1. Android Studio is essential

If you want to become an Android developer you must know about Integrated Development Environment (IDE). This is also known as Android Studio. This will help you as an Android Developers by giving Auto Complete Suggestions while you working on Android development.

  1. You need to be Patient

It is important for you to be patient as an android developer. Building your first mobile app may be quite time consuming. It is something which will not happen overnight. This is not for those who are looking for quick results. So patience is the key.

  1. Look for Support when stuck with a Problem

Sooner or later in android development you would be stuck up with problems. During such times you must seek help. The great thing about android development is that there is a large support community you could look up to in case you do not find help from anywhere. So always try and avail support whenever necessary.

  1. Have a close look at the Course Content

Before you go ahead with enrolling yourself with any Android development training course it is important that you take a close look at the Android Development Course content. If required you seek the help of an expert in the field to assess the same. It is important that you also monitor that the course content is actually being followed during the classes being held. This is what will help you learn the things you need to know.

  1. Ensure that the course provides Practical Insights

While opting for the Android development training, you need to make sure that the Android Development training course you plan to undertake also provides practical exposure to you. You must find out whether you would get an opportunity to work on live projects. It is only the combination of theoretical knowledge along with practical knowledge that will make you a successful Android developer in the future.


In conclusion we hope that the tips or points mentioned above will indeed help you take the right decision in regard to Android Development. PHP Kolkata is one of the best for Android development training in Kolkata. We offer a comprehensive training in the field for web developers. At PHP Kolkata you would also get an opportunity to work and learn on live projects.  All our Web development training courses are fully job oriented and we provide complete support for jobs to all our students. We are tied up with all the leading Android development companies in Kolkata for job placements. To know more about our courses please Contact Us!