5 reasons why knowledge of Laravel can boost your web development career?

  • 11th July 2018
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In case you are a young career aspirant and aspiring to make a successful career in web development, then there is no doubt that knowledge of Laravel has become very critical for your career success. It is because of this that we at, PHP Kolkata being one of the best PHP training institute in Kolkata also are also the leaders in providing the best Laravel training in Kolkata . Let us first of analyze the top reasons why the knowledge of Laravel has become so important for your web development career success.

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What is Laravel?

In simple terms, Laravel is basically a PHP framework. Here there are a set of PHP files that facilitate programming with PHP. With these a set complex functionalities your work as a web developer becomes much easier. Laravel provides MVC pattern implementation, which separates code logics from HTML. This is a PHP framework which has been built using best practices recommended by most experienced developers keeping security in mind. It is a very stable framework.

Why it has gained prominence in current web development scenario?

  1. Simple to build authentication and authorization systems

With Laravel the authentication part of web application becomes simple. The reason for this is that everything is built in for you. All you need to do is simply download and you need not worry about compatibility.

  1. Prior integration with mail Services

With Laravel provides you can have the simple API for the popular library SwiftMailer. With this APIs not only can users have drivers like SOTO, Mailgun, Mandrill, SparPost, Amazon SES, etc. All these would enable the applications to start sending emails through a local or cloud-based server quickly.

  1. Faster Web Application

With Laravel you can be sure that with the integration of certain tools, you could have   much faster web applications. This is why all web developers prefer to work with the Laravel framework.

  1. Laravel provides great security

You would agree that security is a major concern for all web developers across the world. One of the great benefits of using Laravel framework for developing web applications is that it provides great security.

  1. Better error handling through integrated library

One of the great benefits of using Laravel is also that it has an integrated error and exception handling library which helps to handle and solve error handling.